Demo: Rat-LR Wooden Rattlebaits

I love when people tell me something can’t be done, especially in lure making! It’s like a rad flag to a bull!

Many years ago I got into a heated debate with a fellow lure maker who claimed that it wasn’t possible to make a “proper” wooden rattlebait. Now, I’d been making the things for years, so I knew that he was a sandwich short of a picnic and set about letting him know it.

He had all the reasons under the same why a wooden rattlebait wouldn’t work: wood deadens the sound, wood is solid, the weighting would be all wrong. Basically, he was saying was thatĀ heĀ couldn’t make a wooden rattlebait work, so no-one could!

A few weeks later I made a point of bumping into him. I presented him with a handful of hand crafted wooden rattlebaits that I’d personally made, and a couple that a friend of mine had built. He spent a while looking at them and shaking them, holding them to his ear…….

Then he came back with “Yeah, but they sound different to plastic ones!” Seriously, this is a guy who should have known better.

The truth is, if you want to make wooden rattlebaits sound just like plastic ones you can, there are ways to do it and it’s not that hard…..

What you need to understand is that the sound of a wooden rattlebait is actually more attractive to fish than the sound of a plastic rattlebait! You see, fish ears are better attuned to hearing low pitched noise. Plus, low pitched noise travels further through water and since most underwater noises are low pitched, a wooden rattlebait actually sounds more natural to fish.

If you’ve been thinking about having a go at making a wooden rattlebait I would encourage you to do so. The one shown in this video is a Crankbait Masterclass project lure and my fishing buddies and I have tested it alongside commercial plastic rattlebaits on a number of occasions. I think we’ve conclusively proven that it is at least equal to pretty much any comparable plastic lure, and miles ahead of most of them!

I make this lure for my own use in 3 sizes and a heap of colors. If you’re interested in learning to make this lure and about two dozen other cranks and lipless cranks (including some other rattlebaits) then I’d recommend checking out my Crankbait Masterclass for more info.