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“Wooden Lure Making 101” is a FREE eBook download for anyone getting started in custom wooden lures.

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An eBook for those just getting started in lure making! Download this awesome lure making pdf by clicking the image to the right, or grab a copy for your mobile device from your favorite online bookstore!

Loaded with great tips to make your first wooden lure a smashing success, “Wooden Lure Making 101” helps newbies avoid the common mistakes that often hold them back.  Perfect if you want to cut the learning curve in half and just make damn good lures right from the get-go!

If You’re Looking For A Place To Start Your Lure Making Journey, You Just Found It!

Here’s what’s covered:

  • Introduction. A quick walk through the benefits of handmade lures, and a look at the various types and styles of wooden lures that can be made with a little know-how.
  • Tools And Materials This is the “no BS” version! A list of essential tools for lure making, keeping it incredibly simple and affordable so pretty much anyone can give it a go.
  • 5 Important Tips This is where we get the most common mistakes of newbie lure makers out of the way. Read this section if you want to save yourself a heap of frustration!
  • The Bit About Making The Lures The meat and potatoes of this eBook. We’ll take a close look at the what’s why’s and hows of making your first wooden lures. Plus, find out how to design, develop and perfect your own patterns.
  • Creating Lure Art We all love custom painted lures, so here you’ll find the important stuff airbrushes, paints and clear coats and how to use them in lure making.
  • Using Your Lures We’ll finish the read off with some tips for fishing with your new handmade lures, so you can get maximum benefit for your efforts.

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Wooden Lure Making Broken Down Into Simple Steps!

Wooden Lure Making 101 Lure PartsWooden lure making can be really complex at times. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Sometimes the simple, easy to make lures that require few tools and materials are the deadliest.

This eBook strips back lure making to the bare essentials. It will have you churning out awesome custom lures with surprising ease and with very little in the way of tools, equipment or materials.


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