6 Step Process For Hardening And Sealing Wooden Lure Bodies

hardening lure bodies - Base coated

Want to know how to treat your wooden lure bodies before painting them? Look, wood is without doubt the best material for lure making. It’s easy to work with, easy to get and has a magical fish catching quality that plastic just can’t match. That’s why wooden lure making is rapidly increasing in popularity…… In a world of mass produced plastic. But wooden lure bodies do have some drawbacks….. Raw wood soaks water up like a sponge. Unfortunately, water logging is the number one killer of fishing lure action – not to mention the primary cause of early paint failure. Plus, soft, easy … more

Best Wood For Making Fishing Lures

Best Wood For Making Fishing Lures: Intro

Man, I seriously wish I had a buck for every time someone asked about the best wood for making fishing lures! The answer is simple: whatever works and is available in your area. But it is true that some timbers are better suited than others. This was the topic of my previous article about lure making wood. There are a few staple timbers in the lure makers stable, ones that are popular around the world. Balsa wood is an awesome option and one of my favorites. Basswood, jelutong, various cedars, cypress knees and baltic pine are all popular and versatile lure making timbers. But … more

Crankbait Making Wood: Five Popular Options

cedar is a good crankbait making wood

This article gives a quick overview of the popular types of crankbait making wood. However, the list of timbers that can be used or making crankbaits (and other wooden lures) is endless. Crankbait Making Wood: Popular Options Balsa Wood Balsa is a classic crankbait making wood and has been used worldwide by a number of commercial lure makers for many years. I often recommend balsa wood to crankbait newbies because it’s extremely light, easy to work, takes paint and makes some of the sweetest crankbaits around. Balsa wood has uniform grain and density, which is important if you’re making lots of … more

Lure Making Wood: The 7 Most Important Qualities For Successful Lures

Custom wooden lure in nude colors

Do you know how to pick the perfect lure making wood? If you want to make killer custom lures you should! After all, it’s the basic raw ingredient of wooden lures. And your choice of wood can be the difference between mediocre baits and ones that smash fish senseless. So lets take a look at the general properties that you want in a lure making timber. For for specific info about common lure making timbers please read my article on the best wood for making fishing lures. Or, for those who love making crankbaits, there’s also an article on crankbait making wood. What Makes An Exceptional Lure Making Wood? … more