7 Tips: ChooseThe Best Airbrush For Painting Fishing Lures

Painting fishing lures isn’t so much about being a brilliant artist. In fact, even non-artists like myself can turn out awesome looking lure art. It’s actually more about having the right materials, good paint control and a few basic techniques. And of course the right equipment, especially the airbrush. Without a decent airbrush even the most skilled artist will struggle at painting fishing lures. I often speak at workshops and webinars to people who are struggling to get decent looking paint jobs. And often it’s for just one reason…. They don’t have a decent airbrush. So let’s take a look at … more

5 Simple Tools – All You Need To Make Awesome Custom Lures

Lure Making Tools

Luremaking can be as complex as you let it be. You can have masses of tools to make the job easier or more fun. But sometimes it makes a lot of sense to dumb things down and go mega-basic. Let me give an example. As I write this post, my family is on a road trip. That means getting the family and all their camping gear, my fishing tackle, tech gear, kids toys, food, water, fuel and the beloved family dog into one very tight space. And since the trip will take me away from the workbench for a while … more