Crankbait Template: How To Make A Brilliant Flat Sided Bait!

Crankbait Template Download

It’s no secret that I love flat sided crankbaits! They create awesome vibration and flash and are perfect for imitating deeper bodied baitfish. Plus they’re fun to make. So when I was choosing a crankbait template to give away as a freebie I naturally gravitated to this style of lure. I’ve kept this lure very simple as it’s intended for newbies working with minimal tools. In fact, a sharp knife, a battery drill, some pliers and a handsaw are all the tools you’ll need to start knocking these lures out. Of course, there’s a full parts and materials list included with … more

Lure Bib Templates (Free): 14 Inspiring Designs To Download

Download The Lure Bibs Templates Here!

As lure makers we sometimes need a bit of a hand to get the creative juices flowing. So I’ve assembled some lure bib templates to help you on the path to perfect lipped lures. I’ve included 14 different styles, including round, square, coffin and hybrid shapes in a range of sizes from small to extra large. It’s important for that a bib be as close to symmetrical as possible. Asymmetrical diving lips unbalance a lure and make it hard to tune. These lure bib templates assists with achieving this, but also help in choosing the right bib for your lure. How To Use … more