Lure Parts: What Do You Need To Make Quality Lures?

Wooden Lure Making 101 Lure Parts

When I first got started at wooden lure making there was no option….. I had to make all of my lure parts myself. These days lure making has become so popular there is an amazing range of lure parts online. It certainly makes the job a lot easier! But now beginners are faced with a different problem: What lure parts do I need and what ones could or should I make for myself? In this article I’ll walk you through just a few of the lure parts that are readily available to these days, with a few hints and tips for their … more

7 Tips For How To Use Screw Eyes

How To Use Screw Eyes For Maximum Strength

Want to know how to use screw eyes for lure making? I know it seems like a simple thing to do, but the truth is that there’s a STRONG way to use them and a WEAK way. And just a few little tricks can make all the difference, so read on my friend! One of the challenges with screw eyes for wooden lure making is that the tow point and the rear hook hanger are usually driven into end grain. And end grain has poor thread strength. And it gets worse. End grain has the highest potential for water absorption and the … more

5 Tips For Making A Homemade Lure Using Screw Eyes

Homemade lure using screw eyes

These days, making your first homemade lure is a lot simpler than in the past. For starters, lure parts are much easier to find, especially online. Back in the day it was necessary to make everything from scratch…. not so these days! The humble screw eye is an excellent example of one of those off-the-shelf lure making components. They can make your first homemade lure project a lot simpler. And once you know how to use screw eyes properly they take most punishment that fishing throws up. Screw eyes don’t require the cutting of a slot into your wooden lure bodies. Nor do you … more