What Is A Jerkbait?

What is a jerkbait - glidebait

Exactly what is a jerkbait? I’m glad you asked! It’s a question that causes plenty of confusion, so I’ll give my version of the story. Hopefully it helps! One reason for the confusion is that there are two very different and unrelated groups of hard body lures that both go by the name “Jerkbait”. And there doesn’t seem to be any rhyme, reason or pattern as to who calls what which, but I’ve covered both styles in this article about the various types of fishing lures! Even major lure manufactures are all over the place when it comes to deciding what is a jerkbait … more

Types Of Fishing Lures: 23 Awesome Options You Can Make!

Types Of Fishing Lures That Can Be Handmade From Wood

It’s surprising just how many types of fishing lures can be handmade from wood. The hard bait family of lures is very diverse, but many of the basic processes are the same no matter which style of lure you are making. Of course, some styles are a little tricky to make (or fish with) – others are a snap! One of the first challenges is understanding the naming. Many lures have different names depending on where on the planet you happen to live, which can make things very confusing even for experienced lure makers. So this article will take you through all of the … more