Making Balsa Crankbaits And Other Balsa Lures: A Complete Guide.

Balsa Lure Making Options

It’s official. I’m hooked on making balsa crankbaits, especially flat sided balsa crankbaits. I recently started using balsa again after having used other timbers for a few years. I’d forgotten how much I enjoy using the stuff for lure making! I know, balsa wood has it’s share of downsides and there are plenty of critics. And I’ll admit that it’s not the perfect lure making wood for every situation. But used in the right way, for the right lures balsa is very hard to beat. The biggest criticism is usually about the softness of balsa – but that’s a double edged sword. Hard … more

17 Components For DIY Lures And Where To Find Them!

Parts For DIY Lures

DIY lures don’t have to be difficult to make, they can be really simple. Most of what you’ll need is sitting on the shelves at your local hardware store. And a basic toolkit for DIY lures is pretty cheap and easy to get too. But as your lure making skills and ambitions advance you’ll probably find yourself looking for more. Specialty parts, cool accessories and neat lure making tools aren’t essential. But they can sure make the job of making a few wooden lures a lot more fun. So for this article I went through the workshop and made a list of the various … more

Lure Parts: What Do You Need To Make Quality Lures?

Wooden Lure Making 101 Lure Parts

When I first got started at wooden lure making there was no option….. I had to make all of my lure parts myself. These days lure making has become so popular there is an amazing range of lure parts online. It certainly makes the job a lot easier! But now beginners are faced with a different problem: What lure parts do I need and what ones could or should I make for myself? In this article I’ll walk you through just a few of the lure parts that are readily available to these days, with a few hints and tips for their … more

7 Pro Tips For Using Screw Eyes And Glued Eyelets In Lure Making

How To Use Screw Eyes For Maximum Strength

Being able to choose and install fishing lure screw eyes and twist eyelets properly is important. In fact, it should be one of the first lure making lessons for noobs. After all, a screw eye is more likely to pull out when you’re fighting a monster than a small fish…. So don’t let that happen! That’s why in this article I’ll look at the various screw eyes and twist eyelets that can be used in wooden lure making. I’ll also look at how and when to use them in your lures and give you a bunch tips on how to use screw eyes. … more

5 Success Tips For Using Shop-Bought Wood Lure Blanks

Wood lure blanks: Popper Bodies

Personally, I love to make my lures from scratch, almost every part lovingly hand crafted. And to be honest, wood lure blanks have always seemed like a bit of a cheat’s way into lure making. After all, you just buy, sand, paint, add some hooks, maybe a diving lip and then start catching fish, right? Errrr… not quite! Pre-shaped wood lure blanks might save you a bit of work on shaping lure bodies. They’ll certainly help ensure your wooden lure bodies are properly shaped. And they make it easier to create lots of identical lures (or close to it). But wood lure blanks … more