Handmade Lures: How To Know What’s Really Important

Handmade Lures: Even Basic Paint Jobs Catch Fish.

  We all like to strive for perfection in our handmade lures. Perfect design, great balance, flawless paint job, great action and so on. The perfect lure gives us confidence to tie it on and lob it at a fish. But like any worthwhile pursuit, lure making skills take time to develop. You can’t expect to turn out a perfect lure on the first attempt. Actually, those imperfections we try so hard to overcome in our handmade lures can often turn out to be irrelevant. On more than one occasion they’ve turned out to be the “secret sauce” that has made one of my lures especially successful. … more

Balsa Lures: 5 Tips For Designing And Fishing Irresistible Baits

Balsa Lures: preformed bodies

Balsa lures will always hold a very special place in lure fishing. It’s such a superb material – light, strong, water resistant and super buoyant. The result? Lures with a super crisp action that can’t be matched by other timbers….. even less so with plastic! For me, balsa is the perfect example of why plastic will never completely replace wood in the world of lure making. Seriously, no tackle box should be without a decent selection of balsa lures. It’s as simple as that! Tips For Designing, Making & Fishing Balsa Lures 1. Use The Buoyancy To Your Advantage One of the things I love about balsa … more