Fishing Tips: How To Slam Fish With Your Killer Lures

I don’t just get asked questions about lure making…. I also get pressed for some “Secret Lure Fishing Tips” from time to time! The good news is, I’m an open book – and I’m happy to help others whenever I can. So in this post I’ve put together a handful of fishing tips for lure makers and lure fishermen. You may already be doing some of these things. Others you may not have thought of, or may have forgotten. Either way, the idea is to get you thinking about ways to improve your catch rates. Gregs Fishing Tips: A Few Simple Tricks For Better … more

Jerkbait Techniques: Understanding Cadence

Some of you are probably aware that advanced jerkbait techniques are kind of a specialty of mine. And recently I’ve had a few questions about cadence and what it is, so rather than keep replying to individuals I decided a post would be a good idea. Put in simple terms, cadence refers to the rhythmic beat of a lure and it affects the vibration that the lure emits and that fish home in on. There are two ways in which your lures gets cadence. The first is built into the design of the lure. It’s the rhythmic side to side … more