Lure Bibs: How To Debunk The Myths That Ruin Lures

Diving lips in wooden crankbaits

I reckon lure bibs (aka “diving lips”, “bills” or “beaks”) are one of the most misunderstood aspects of making wooden crankbaits. It’s understandable. Bib design one of the most complex lure making concepts to get your head around. But crankbaits are one of the most versatile and valuable assets in your tackle box, so it’s worth figuring out. The problem is, much of the info you’ll find about lure bibs is, to put it bluntly, wrong. A lot of BS gets passed from one lure maker to the next, sadly. So in this article I’ll make the selection and design of lure bibs as simple as … more

Diving Lures: How To Wire For Peace Of Mind

Diving Lures Through Wire Configuration

Lure making is never short of a challenge! For example, a problem when making medium and deep diving lures with the towpoint on the lip is the tendency for the lip to snap under the strain of a big fish. To stabilize the action, diving lips are often narrow where the they enter the wooden lure body, creating a weakness. And when it snaps the fish and lure are both lost. Commercial lure makers overcome this by reinforcing the underside of the diving lip. That’s easy to do if your lip is molded into a plastic lure body, but it’s a little more challenging if … more

How To Fish 5 Types Of Hard Lures For Awesome Results

I know, this is a wooden lure making site, but this looks like an article about fishing…. Well, here’s a revolutionary thought: Lure making isn’t actually about making lures. It’s about catching a better quality of fish, more often. But the great thing about making your own lures is that you learn how to fish them incredibly effectively. Ever heard the saying that the guy who walks into the hardware shop and buys a drill doesn’t actually want a drill? Nope! He wants holes. And a drill is the best way to get them….. if he knows how to use it! Lure making is the same. Few people make … more

Hard Baits: Correct Weight Placement In Deep Divers

Hard Baits: Effect Of Weight Placement

One of the tricks to making deep diving hard baits is knowing how much weight to use internally. And just as important is where you place the weight. It’s one of the little secrets of lure making! The natural assumption is that weighting deep divers helps overcome the buoyancy of the wood. But that’s actually not what it does! In fact, just moving the weight forward or backward inside the lure body can make a huge difference! It affects both the action and diving depth, even though the amount of weight hasn’t changed! Hard Baits And Weight Placement: Resolving The Mystery! If it … more

Fishing Deep With HomeMade Crankbaits

deep diving home made crankbait

If you want to be successful with homemade crankbaits, especially deep divers, you need to understand this: “The foundation of effective crankbait fishing is very simple; know the depth your crankbaits run. Until this knowledge is in hand, all the other crankbait questions are very insignificant. After all, if you can’t get the bait to the fish, how could color, shape, action, or models of crankbaits make any difference whatsoever?”. Bass Pro Mike McClelland in his book “Walleye Troubleshooting” I love this statement and its as relevant when using homemade crankbaits as it is bought ones! So many guys waste too … more