Crawfish Colors: Why Are They So Important?

Foiling lures with aluminium foil can work well if the preparation is done properly

In nature, crawfish colors are widely variable. Many are drab, earthy colors. Shades of brown, green and gray are common. But at times craws can be bright red, crimson, orange or blue in color too. So it pays to have a good range in your lure collection, enabling you to cover all lure fishing scenarios. It also pays to have an understanding of your local crawfish population, so you can know which color to use and when. In many places the craw population changes color seasonally. In other places the craws remain one color year round. Factors Affecting Crawfish Colors Part … more

How To Fish 5 Types Of Hard Lures For Awesome Results

I know, this is a wooden lure making site, but this looks like an article about fishing…. Well, here’s a revolutionary thought: Lure making isn’t actually about making lures. It’s about catching a better quality of fish, more often. But the great thing about making your own lures is that you learn how to fish them incredibly effectively. Ever heard the saying that the guy who walks into the hardware shop and buys a drill doesn’t actually want a drill? Nope! He wants holes. And a drill is the best way to get them….. if he knows how to use it! Lure making is the same. Few people make … more