Lure Bib Templates (Free): 14 Inspiring Designs To Download

Download The Lure Bibs Templates Here!

As lure makers we sometimes need a bit of a hand to get the creative juices flowing. So I’ve assembled some lure bib templates to help you on the path to perfect lipped lures. I’ve included 14 different styles, including round, square, coffin and hybrid shapes in a range of sizes from small to extra large. It’s important for that a bib be as close to symmetrical as possible. Asymmetrical diving lips unbalance a lure and make it hard to tune. These lure bib templates assists with achieving this, but also help in choosing the right bib for your lure. How To Use … more

Crankbait Lips: Dishing Them Increases Action

Lure Bibs: Everything You Need To Know!

Dished crankbait lips have a small impression or indent that’s shaped like a dish or spoon. The obvious purpose of this feature is to increase the action of the lure. Dished crankbait lips are common on many commercial lures, but less so on handmade lures. The shape creates extra turbulence around the lip, destabilizing the action a little. To spill water pressure from a dished lip the lure must not only turn to the side it must also tilt. This creates an erratic and very enticing rolling, wobbling motion. Many times you’ll hear about making wooden lures that “hunt”. Hunting describes the unusual ability … more