Balsa Lure Options: Two Easy Ways To Make Awesome Baits!

Balsa Lure Making Options

Lately I’ve enjoyed going back to basics. As a result, balsa lure making is firmly back on my agenda, for the first time in years. I’d almost forgotten how much I enjoy working with Balsa! Now, lots of folks will tell you that balsa is too soft for lures…. I beg to differ. There are many lure making applications where balsa is prefect, as I discuss in my article on the best wood for making fishing lures. It’s one of the original lure making timbers and used correctly, still one of the best. Plus, you can harden balsa lure bodies after shaping. See Balsa Lure Resources … more

Balsa Lures: 5 Tips For Designing And Fishing Irresistible Baits

Balsa Lures: preformed bodies

Balsa lures will always hold a very special place in lure fishing. It’s such a superb material – light, strong, water resistant and super buoyant. The result? Lures with a super crisp action that can’t be matched by other timbers….. even less so with plastic! For me, balsa is the perfect example of why plastic will never completely replace wood in the world of lure making. Seriously, no tackle box should be without a decent selection of balsa lures. It’s as simple as that! Tips For Designing, Making & Fishing Balsa Lures 1. Use The Buoyancy To Your Advantage One of the things I love about balsa … more

Balsa Crankbaits: How To Make Killer Lipless Lures!

Lipless wooden lures on the drying rack

Balsa crankbaits are a great place to start your lure making journey. As a raw material, balsa is lightweight, easy to carve and gives your lures as superb, crisp action. The buoyancy of the wood gives loads of flexibility when it comes to weight placement and balancing your baits. But of course, everything is a trade-off. Balsa tends to be rather soft, easily dented and prone to getting chewed. And although it’s strong for it’s weight, it’s not great if there are too many thin sections. So how can you make your balsa crankbaits a bit tougher so they’ll survive … more

Custom Balsa Crankbaits: 5 Success Tips

Custom balsa crankbaits are one of my all time favorites to make and fish with! If you’re just new to lure making and wondering what timber to start with, you could certainly do a lot worse than balsa! Here’s what I like about balsa as a raw material for lure bodies: It’s light in weight. It’s easy to carve and shape. It’s incredibly strong for it’s weight. It’s easy to get in lure-sized pieces and can be sourced from sustainable plantation sources. But as with everything in lure making, there are also some down-sides too. So before you get to work … more

Balsa Wood: A Classic Lure Making Timber

One of the most common questions I get asked is what timber to make wooden lures from. And the answer is that there isn’t just one wood that is perfect for every type of lure. I use a whole bunch of them depending on what types of lures I’m making at the time. Balsa Wood Advantages Balsa wood is certainly one of the stand out lure making timbers that has been used for decades, if not longer. It’s is very easy to work and can be quickly shaped with a sharp knife, chisel or gouge, or even with a piece of fresh sandpaper. It’s … more