Painting Crankbaits: Neo For Iwata CN Airbrush Review

Painting crankbaits is easy with the Neo CN

For many years I’ve been a great fan of the Iwata HP-C Plus for custom painting crankbaits. It’s been the workhorse of my operation for about 5 years and I currently have 5 HP-C Plus’ in almost daily use. Some have been in use for years and are as good as the day I bought them. I’d absolutely recommend the HP-C Plus to anyone getting into custom lure painting. It’s about as close as you’ll find to the perfect all-round airbrush. But a few months back Karl Isherwood at Anest Iwata Australia provided me with one of their Neo For Iwata CN models to test and … more

Airbrushing Lures: 3 Handy Gadgets That Make Painting Lures A Snap!

Airbrushing Lures Is Made Easier By Quick Change Adaptors

Turning out custom painted lures is very satisfying – although it can also be incredibly frustrating. But every so often you come across something really cheap and simple that makes airbrushing lures just that little bit easier. So in this article we’ll take a look at 3 such gadgets and “must have” accessories for the custom lure painter. But before we dive…… Airbrushing lures is a little bit of an accessory sport. And I don’t mind spending a buck or two on equipment if I reckon it will help me. In fact, I considered writing a list of the top 10 … more

Lure Painting: Iwata HP-C Plus Airbrush

Lure Painting Airbrush

I’ve been meaning to write some reviews of the airbrushes in my workshop for quite some time. But I must admit, I’ve been particularly looking forward reviewing my Iwata HP-C plus. Finally, I found time! Now, it’s no secret that I’m a great fan of Iwata airbrushes. They are beautifully engineered, work like magic and any time I’ve ever had a question Iwata have been super helpful. But please don’t think for one moment that my enthusiasm and my loyalty to this product came easily. Have a look around this website – you won’t find a lot of products endorsed here. … more

7 Tips: ChooseThe Best Airbrush For Painting Fishing Lures

Painting fishing lures isn’t so much about being a brilliant artist. In fact, even non-artists like myself can turn out awesome looking lure art. It’s actually more about having the right materials, good paint control and a few basic techniques. And of course the right equipment, especially the airbrush. Without a decent airbrush even the most skilled artist will struggle at painting fishing lures. I often speak at workshops and webinars to people who are struggling to get decent looking paint jobs. And often it’s for just one reason…. They don’t have a decent airbrush. So let’s take a look at … more

7 Professional Lure Painting Secrets. How To Avoid The Traps.

Making Jerkbaits (overview)

I reckon most folks put more effort into lure painting than any other aspect of lure making – and more time and money gets wasted on it, too. And while the whole process can be lots of a lot of fun and very rewarding, it can also be incredibly frustrating. For newbies, there’s a lot to learn, and tons of ways to burn your time and money. Even for seasoned lure makers there are plenty of pitfalls. So to start your lure painting off on the right foot, today’s article will give an overview of the process and some links to further resources. We’ll take a brief … more