7 Tips: ChooseThe Best Airbrush For Painting Fishing Lures

Painting fishing lures isn’t so much about being a brilliant artist. In fact, even non-artists like myself can turn out awesome looking lure art. It’s actually more about having the right materials, good paint control and a few basic techniques. And of course the right equipment, especially the airbrush. Without a decent airbrush even the most skilled artist will struggle at painting fishing lures. I often speak at workshops and webinars to people who are struggling to get decent looking paint jobs. And often it’s for just one reason…. They don’t have a decent airbrush. So let’s take a look at … more

Painting Lures: 15 Secret Tips For Stencils And Masks

Painting lures is one of those really weird things. Let’s be brutally honest, fish usually don’t care that much. Even a newbie to lure making can turn out a fish pleaser. On the other hand. fishermen really do care…. a lot! Most guys who are serious about wooden lure making spend more time painting lures than any other step of the process! So in this article I’ll give my top 12 tips for painting fishing lures using stencils and masks. The good news is, you won’t need a Masters Degree in graphic art. You’ll just need to practice a few techniques that really aren’t that difficult. Stencils And … more

Painting Crankbaits: How To Use Transparents For Awesome Lure Art

If you’re new to painting lures then you might be wondering what the heck a transparent paint is. Many, many years ago when I first started painting crankbaits I remember wondering “What possible use could I have for transparent paints?” Until then I’d always used aerosol cans to paint my lures, mostly auto touch up paints. That works OK, but it will only get you so far! Once the airbrush bug had bitten I started painting fishing lures with all kinds of exotic paints. In recent years I’ve settled on modern water-borne airbrush acrylic paints, which now come in a massive range of … more

Painting The Dolphinfish Pattern

custom painted dolphinfish lure

The dolphinfish (also known as mahi mahi or dorado) is a very familiar species to most offshore lure fishermen. It’s an open water species and is a great light tackle sportsfish. But small dolphinfish are also a very common food item for many large pelagic species such as tuna, cobia, sailfish, marlin and so on. Dolphinfish are one of the most colorful fish in the ocean, being flashy gold on the sides with a smattering of iridescent blue spots that give this species a striking appearance. It also makes them great fun to paint because the colors are so bright and … more

Airbrushing A Basic Perch Color Pattern

The perch color pattern is very popular worldwide for crankbaits and lipless crankbaits – and for good reason. Aside from being pleasing to the eye, it’s a good imitation of a common food item for many fish species, the colors provide contrast and are among the more visible combinations to fish. I provide full details of how to paint this color scheme to my Crankbait Masterclass members, but I get so many requests for a recipe for this particular color pattern that I’ve put together this quick summary video tutorial. I hope you find it valuable! Video Tutorial: Quick Guide … more