Fishing Lure Templates: How To Make Perfect Lures. Fast And Easy!

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Fishing Lure Templates

Fishing lure templates are hands down the fastest and most effective way to learn lure making. Why?

Because there are two aspects to learning wooden lure making: knowing the techniques and designing the lures. When you first learn without fishing lure templates you have to master both aspects at once. And if your newly finished lure doesn’t work you can’t be sure whether the design was flawed…. or if your lure making skills weren’t up to par!

Fishing lure templates let you focus on your lure making technique knowing the design is solid. You don’t need to figure out what components to use, what body shape, how to put it all together. Templates give you a recipe to follow. And that means you can make brilliant, fish catching lures while you’re still just a beginner! Once you’ve made a lure a couple of times you can modify the design (and the template) to your own needs.

But fishing lure templates do something else, too. They help you achieve consistency. There could be nothing worse than designing your own deadly lure and not being able to remember how you did it. Creating your own fishing lures templates is the solution. And using my templates will familiarize you with the process!

Fishing Lure Templates. Free Flat Sided Crankbait Sample Template.

Fishing Lure Templates: Make A Flat Sided Balsa Crankbait

More than just a template for a brilliant flat-sided balsa crankbait…… You’ll also get a couple of video tutorials and a 35 page lure making eBook – Free! In a matter of minutes you’ll know how to make this awesome 3.25″ (80mm) flat sided crank…..

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Fishing Lure Templates: Lipless Crankbait

Fishing Lure Templates: Make A Lipless Crankbait

Wooden lipless crankbaits are about as scarce as hens teeth. Few folks make them because few know how. Now you can download the templates, watch the tutorial video and be making your first lipless crankbait in no time!

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Templates: Crankbait Diving Lips

A gift to anyone who makes (or wants to make) their own crankbaits! A collection of “print and use” crankbait diving lip templates. Includes multiple sizes and shapes of round, square, coffin and hybrid shaped diving lip templates.

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