Stick Bait Lures Mini Course (3 Weeks)


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* 3 Online Stick Bait Lure Making Lessons Over 3 Weeks
* 3 Project Lures With Printable Templates
* 3 Video Tutorials For Stick Bait Lures
* 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee
* Free Lifetime Upgrades!
* Email Support (Mega Pack Customers Only)

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About The “Stick Bait Lures Mini-Course”…..

This is a three week online program. There are no classes to attend, it’s 100% flexible and best of all – you can go back and redo the course any time you like! Once you have your logins you can keep going back as often as you like and can take advantage of updates to the content.

The Stick Bait Lures Mini-Course is currently 3 lessons over 3 weeks. Each lesson has it’s own project lure template and video tutorial. I’m considering adding a fourth lesson and stick bait project, which will be a bonus upgrade for anyone who’s taken the original course.

Stick Bait Lures Course Project 1Lesson 1: Getting Started, Design And Tutorial

When you purchase my Stick Bait Lures Mini-Course you’ll receive instant access to Lesson 1. Here’s what’s included:

* Article: All about designing stick baits. Know what timbers and hardware to use, how to weight your lures, how body shape affects the action, and where to put the tow point.
* Template: Get the template for this great 4″ (75mm) stick bait – scale up or down for bigger and smaller versions.
Video: Watch as I make our project stick bait and explain the process and techniques, starting with a block of balsa and finishing with a completed lure, ready for paint.
* Tools: Knife or chisel, pliers, drill.

Lesson 2: How To Fish With Stickbaits

Stick Bait Lures Course Project 2In Lesson 2 we’ll talk stick bait fishing techniques and make our second project lure. Here’s what we’ll cover:

* Article: How to fish with stick baits. Techniques, tackle, tips and more
* Download: Preparing wooden lure bodies for painting.
* Template: Download and print the template for this chunky 3″ (75mm) round bodied stick bait. One of my favorites.
* Video: Watch me demonstrate the making of these stick bait lures from raw wood to ready to paint.
* Tools: Knife or chisel, pliers, drill.

Stick Bait Lures Course Project 3Lesson 3: Advanced Stickbait Making

In Lesson 3 we go through a few more advanced lure making tips for stick bait lures – and we tackle our third project lure. So,here’s the overview of the final lesson:

* Article: Advanced techniques and variations. Tips for making different styles of stick bait lures, such as offshore baits, rattling stickbaits and so on.
* Template: Download and print the template for this through-wired 4″ (100mm) slider style stick bait.
* Video: Demonstration of the making of this slider stick bait from raw wood to ready-to-paint.


 Optional Lure Painting Offer:

Custom Lure Painting eBook

The focus of the Stick Bait Lures mini-course is designing and making wooden baits with very basic tools, so unlike the Wooden Lures Mega Pack we don’t go into painting at all.

For those interested in learning to paint not only stick baits, but any kind of wooden or plastic hard body lure, I have an optional extra. “Getting Started In Custom Painted Crankbaits” is my guide to painting all kinds of lures with an airbrush. It’s one of my most popular books and eBooks and covers everything you need to know to get your lures from raw wood to professional lure art.

So here’s the deal: When you sign up for my stickbait mini-course I’ll send you a discount voucher for 25% off my lure painting eBook. So you can take the stickbait course first. And if you want extra info later on, you can grab my lure painting eBook for cheap!

Here’s what “Getting Started In Custom Painted Crankbaits” covers:

* Equipment selection, use and maintenance
* How to choose the best paints and materials for lures
* Preparing lures for painting
* Airbrushing techniques for all kinds of lure patterns
* Clear coating guide
* Airbrush trouble shooting

“No Weasel Guarantee”

My philosophy is simple: I’m not happy unless you feel you got awesome value. So here’s my offer:

Take my Stick Bait Lures Mini-Course today and put it to the test for 30 days. Print the templates, read the articles, watch the videos, make the stick baits…..

By the end of the course if you don’t feel you got awesome value just let me know and I’ll give you a full refund. 100% money back – and no questions asked


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