Stick Bait Making Mini Course


It’s Never Been More Exhilarating To Catch Fish On Stickbaits! The Thrill Of Having A Fish Smash A Lure You Made Off The Water Surface Can’t Be Described, It Has To Be Experienced!

* Never Made A Lure Before? No Problem! You’ll Make These 3 Deadly Stickbaits Within A Few Days
* Experience The Adrenaline Rush Of Seeing A Fish Smash Your Homemade Lures In Front Of Your Eyes
* Save A Packet On A TackleBox Full Of Unbelievable Custom Lures That Fish Can’t Resist
* Barely Any Tools Required, Most People Already Own Everything They Need To Get Started
* New Lure Making Projects Being Added All The Time. Buy Now And Get The Updates Free – FOR LIFE!

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About The “Stick Bait Lures Mini-Course”…..

My Stickbait Mini-Course consists of 3 lessons. Each lesson includes a project lure with template and video tutorial.


Stick Bait Lures Course Project 1Lesson 1: Getting Started, Design And Tutorial

* Article: All about designing stick baits. Know what timbers and hardware to use, how to weight your lures, how body shape affects the action, and where to put the tow point for a specific design.
* Template: Get the template for this great 4″ (75mm) stick bait – scale up or down for bigger and smaller versions.
Video: Watch as I make our project stick bait and explain the process and techniques, starting with a block of balsa and finishing with a completed lure, ready for paint.
* Tools: Knife or chisel, pliers, drill. That’s it!

Lesson 2: How To Fish With Stickbaits

Stick Bait Lures Course Project 2* Article: How to fish with stick baits. Techniques, tackle, tips and more
* Download: Preparing wooden lure bodies for painting.
* Template: Download and print the template for this chunky 3″ (75mm) round bodied stick bait. One of my favorites.
* Video: Watch me demonstrate how I make the project lure from start to finish.
* Tools: Knife or chisel, pliers, drill.

Stick Bait Lures Course Project 3Lesson 3: Advanced Stickbait Making

* Article: Advanced techniques and variations. Tips for making different styles of stick bait lures, such as offshore baits, rattling stickbaits and so on.
* Template: Download and print the template for this through-wired 4″ (100mm) slider style stick bait.
* Video: Demonstration of the making of this slider stick bait from raw wood to ready-to-paint.


Bonus 1: 60mm Mini Stickbait

* Download The Template
* Watch The Video Tutorial
* Make The Lure!
* Great Freshwater Fish Taker

Bonus 2: 100mm Small Tuna/GT Stickbait

* Download The Template
* Watch The Video Tutorial
* Make The Lure!
* Designed For Small Tunas, GT’s etc

“No Weasel Guarantee”

My philosophy is simple: I’m not happy unless you feel you got awesome value. So here’s my offer:

Take my Stick Bait Lures Mini-Course today and put it to the test for 30 days. Print the templates, read the articles, watch the videos, make the stick baits…..

By the end of the course if you don’t feel you got awesome value just let me know and I’ll give you a full refund. 100% money back – and no questions asked



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