Lure Painting Masterclass

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Lure art for the artistically challenged…..

Just two online lessons with Doc Lures will get most newbies turning out top notch lure art…. But this masterclass goes even further!

* Find out what tools and materials you”ll need – without spending a fortune
* See how easily an artistically challenged newbie can master lure painting techniques
* Get the answers to more challenging questions in the live and personal Q&A sessions
* Get full VIP access to Doc’s exclusive mentoring group on Facebook
* Unlock lifetime access to the lesson replays, mentoring and resources
Lessons Start Nov 30 (US) | Dec 1 (Aust)

100% Money Back Guarantee!

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Full Details: Lure Painting Masterclass

Crankbait Masterclass Members Please Email For Free Access To This Painting Masterclass!

Lesson 1: Getting Set Up

US (East):
7pm, Friday Nov 30
10am, Saturday Dec 1

Our first lesson will be spent getting ourselves set up for lure painting. We’ll cover the following items:

  • Airbrushes for lure painting. I’ll talk you through what you need, what you don’t need and how to set yourself up for success without spending a fortune
  • Airbrush accessories. Once again, we’ll cover what you need and what you don’t.
  • Paint And Clear Coat Selection. I’ll go through the brands and specific products I use in my own workshop.
  • Lure Preparation. How to properly prepare wooden and plastic lure bodies for painting, including resprays of old favorites.
  • Live Question & Answer Session.  Ask me your questions and get your answers live.
Lure Painting Masterclass

Lesson 2: Painting Techniques

US (East): 7pm, Friday Dec 7
10am, Saturday Dec 8

Lesson 2 is where we’ll cover the techniques you’ll need for creating amazing lure art.

  • Paint Preparation. I’ll show you how to thin. mix and blend paints for smooth, flawless transitions
  • Sealing and Base Coating. We’ll lay down the perfect foundations for tough, beautiful lure art.
  • Stencils, Masks and Detail. When we’re done you’ll paint fins, gills and craw shells with ease.
  • Clear Coat Perfection. I’ll take the stress out of giving your lures a tough, stunningly beautiful finish.
  • Live Question & Answer Session.  Ask me your questions and get your answers live.
Lure Painting Masterclass


Bonus 1“Getting Started In Custom Painted Crankbaits” Digital Edition (RRP USD$19.95)

This is my bible for anyone who wants to paint their own lures, going through the process step-by-step from beginning to end. It’s available in print format from, but participants in my Lure Painting Masterclass will get the digital edition as my gift! You’ll find this eBook is in pdf format, convenient for those who want to print a hard copy.

Bonus 2: Airbrushing Lures Mentoring Group (RRP USD$60/yr)

My private and exclusive Facebook Mentoring group is where I share new tips and tricks and give my members support. It’s also where you’ll be able to meet and mingle with a bunch of other lure painters to share ideas and show off your work.

Bonus 3: Airbrushing Lures Cheat Sheet (RRP USD$9.95)

A download containing an airbrush troubleshooting guide, links to lure painting products and other useful resources.

Lure Painting Masterclass

No Weasel Guarantee!

My philosophy is simple: I’m not happy unless you feel you got awesome value. So here’s my offer:

Take my Lure Painting Masterclass and put it to the test…..

By the end of the course if you don’t feel you got awesome value just let me know and I’ll give you a full refund. 100% money back – and no questions asked

Plus you can keep the eBook as my way of saying “Thanks for giving my class a try”!

Lure Painting Masterclass


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