Wooden Lure Making Mega Pack


* Easily Make Professional Quality Lures!
* Catch Better Fish Than You Ever Imagined!
* Eliminate Dud Lures, Wasted Time And Money!
* No Special Tools Or Materials Required!
* Instantly Access eBooks, Templates And Videos!
* Full 30 Day Money Back Guarantee And Email Support!

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Homemade Lures Instant Access

Almost anyone turn out a few homemade fishing lures that look OK and catch the odd fish.

But to consistently create homemade lures that dramatically improve your fishing can take years of practice. And that’s a lot of time and money spent in the workshop that could have been better spent catching fish!

That’s why thousands of keen anglers skip the years of frustration, trial and error and learn to make lures using my Lure Making Mega Pack. It makes homemade fishing lures fast and easy to make, and most of all – fun!

What’s In The Wooden Lure Making Mega Pack?

The techniques for making homemade fishing lures constantly change as new tools, techniques and materials become available. So I’m constantly adding and updating the Mega Pack. My customers get Lifetime Free Upgrades, so they’re always up to date with the latest.

Here’s what’s included:

Printable eBooks (pdf format, read online or print a copy)
Lure Templates (printable, with parts lists and instructions)
Lifetime Club Membership: with live tutorials, webinars and pro tips
Bonus 1: Crankbait Making Tutorials with videos with templates
Bonus 2: Stickbait Mini-Course with videos and templates
Bonus 3: Lure Fishing Guides
30 Day Guarantee & Personal Email Support
Customer reviews
Frequently Asked Questions


Make Your Own Fishing Lures: Wooden Lures

How To Make A Fishing Lure Wooden Lures eBook

The Wooden Lure Makers Bible!

The complete resource for making homemade fishing lures. You’ll go back to this eBook over and over again! Over 100 pages of top notch information to get you on the right track:

Chapter 1: Design. Serious lure fisherman want a range of lure styles so they can catch fish under any conditions. That’s why I’ve covered all types of crankbaits and lipped jerkbaits (all diving depths, sinking, suspending, lipless, jointed). Plus, we go through stickbaits, gliders, poppers, propbaits and even touch on swimbaits.

Chapter 2: Tools & Equipment. I find it therapeutic to make professional quality homemade lures with nothing more than a handsaw, battery drill, pliers, chisel and sandpaper – and I’ll show you how. But we’ll look at more sophisticated tools, machines and equipment too.

Chapter 3: Materials. This chapter will save you a ton of wasted time and money. You’ll know what wood to use, for starters – and that alone will save you a lot of dud lures. But I also explain the other materials and hardware that can be used to make homemade fishing lures.

Chapter 4: Techniques. This is the meat and potatoes. Find out tricks for weighting, through wiring, carving, lathe turning, making rattles and so on. Fast, simple, proven, reliable techniques. And once you’ve learned them, you’ll be able to make awesome lures for the rest of your life.

Chapters 5 & 6: Painting. There’s nothing that speaks more about the quality of your homemade fishing lures than the paint job you put on them. And you want to blow your fishing buddies minds with your DIY lures, right? That’s why I break down and simplify hand painting and airbrushing your lures in these chapters.

Homemade Lures Instant Access

Proven Wooden Lure Templates

Printable With Tool/Materials Lists

How To Make A Fishing Lure: Template eBooks

24 Printable Lure Making Templates

One of the keys to my success in teaching people how to make homemade fishing lures has been my template packs.

After all, when you’re first getting started you’re trying to master the techniques at the same time as you learn about the lure design. So if your hard-earned lure turns out to be a dud you have to figure out whether it’s your design or your technique that’s at fault.

My template packs change all of that! When you make one of my project lures you can be confident that the design and materials work. That means you can focus on perfecting your technique. As your skills improve you can modify my designs to suit yourself, or design your own homemade fishing lures knowing that your building skills are good.

These eBooks are in pdf format, and each contains 12 printable lure templates with step-by-step instructions and a full tools and materials list. Gold!

Homemade Lures Instant Access

Lifetime Membership: “Wooden Lure Making Secrets” Club

Get Access To A Bunch Of Awesome Lure Makers, Watch Live Tutorials/Webinars, Ask Questions, Win Prizes….. And More

“Wooden Lure Making Secrets” is a private and exclusive community of lure makers. It’s not a free-for-all though. It’s open only to my Mega Pack customers and Crankbait Masterclass members.

It’s where you can get support and advice from a bunch of awesome lure makers. I personally moderate and curate the content to be sure it’s leading newbies in the right direction, but everyone can contribute.

Members get the following benefits:

– Live tutorials and lure making chats
– Live webinars on lure making topics
– Bonus video tutorials and templates
– Lure making prize giveaways
– Members contests

Homemade Lures Instant Access

Bonus 1: Crankbait Templates And Video Tutorials

3 Bonus Printable Templates, 90 minutes Video Tutorials

Homemade fishing lures: Bonus crankbait templates

Shallow, Medium and Deep Diving Lure Projects

Hand carved crankbaits are among the most popular styles of homemade fishing lures. They’re also one of my favorites because they’re like magnets to game fish.

That’s why I’ve put together these awesome bonus tutorials, each one with a printable template, step by step instructions and a video tutorial!

Here’s a quick rundown of the projects:

Squarebill Charlie:  A 2.5″ (65mm) shallow running crankbait/jerkbait with a full through wire and square diving lips for a more erratic action. This lure runs at around 3′ (1m) and can be worked with plenty of rod tip movement to create an enticing, erratic action.

Murring: A 3.5″ (85mm) medium running crankbait that reaches around 8-10′ (2.5-3m) diving depth. The Murring has a strong wiggle and is one of my most productive homemade fishing lures. It contains a through wire and optional rattles. The action is balanced by some internal weight, making the lure effective over a wide range of cranking speeds.

Deep Flattie: A 4″/100mm deep diving (20′, 6m plus) through wired crankbait with optional rattles. This lure has been responsible for a number of my personal trophy catches over the years!

Bonus 2: Handmade Stickbait Mini-Course

3 Bonus Templates, Video Tutorials And Instructions

Stickbaits are great fun to fish with. There’s something about watching fish smash your homemade fishing lures off the surface that gets the heart pumping! In fact, I’ve had so many people ask for help making stickbaits that I decided put together this short course and add it to the Mega Pack as a Free Bonus!

My aim was to create something super simple. Something even a complete beginner with hardly any tools could easily do. Something to get you catching fish on your handmade lures before you could say “Fish On!”

Here’s what I’ve packed into the mini-course:

Stickbait Lesson 1: We get into the nuts and bolts of designing stickbaits that work every time. Like any homemade fishing lure, you can waste a lot of time and effort if your design or materials aren’t great. So let’s fix that right off the bat! Then we’ll make our first stickbait project, and as always I’ll give you a printable template, full instructions and a video tutorial to ensure you succeed.

Stickbait Lesson 2: What’s just as important, or more important, than knowing how to make stickbaits? Knowing how to fish your homemade lures in ways that get bone shuddering strikes! Seriously, if you haven’t caught fish on stickbaits before, you need to experience this! So in Lesson 2 I go through everything you need to know to fish your stickbaits like a pro. And we’ll finish off with yet another project template and video tutorial…..

Stickbait Lesson 3: This is where we start to trick up our stickbaits, so I cover rattles, tips for making heavy duty offshore stickbaits and so on. And we make stickbait project number 3 (yep another template and video).

Homemade Lures Instant Access

Bonus 3: Lure Fishing Guides

Tips For Using Homemade Fishing Lures

Making homemade fishing lures is great…… but the real aim is to catch better fish, right? MUCH better fish! So I wrote these guides many years ago to help folks get the best out of crankbaits and jerkbaits. But the information in them is as relevant today as it was back then.

eBook: How To Use Jerkbaits

This 50 page eBook goes through the ins and outs, nuts and bolts of using bib jerkbaits. Lot’s of folks think jerkbait fishing is a winter or early spring activity. But I’ve found them to be deadly all year round. In this eBook I cover the tackle, techniques and strategies for not only your homemade fishing lures, but for bought ones as well!

eBook: Mastering Crankbaits, Minnows And Other Fishing Plugs

Crankbaits are the most diverse group of hard bodied lures…… and they probably catch more fish than just about any other style. Chucking them out into the water and cranking them back will catch you a few fish, but getting the best from them requires a little more knowledge. In this eBook I cover the different styles of crankbait and how to use them, tackle, techniques and lots of pro tips.

eBook: Why Fish Don’t See Your Lures

Ever wondered how fish really see lures? As a trained scientist I’ve invested plenty of time answering this question. There are plenty of myths and misconceptions out there, but this eBook gives you the irrefutable

Support & Money Back Guarantee

Help is right there when you need it

Over many years I have refined the information in my Mega Pack so that it’s super easy to follow. But occassionally things don’t go to plan and you might need a little extra help to figure out what’s wrong. Don’t worry! My Mega Pack customers are never left to figure things out for themselves…… help is but a click away!

In fact, you’ll have my personal email address and can shoot me a question any time you like!

Now, for those who haven’t read my books, taken my courses or attended my webinars…… I want you to feel 100% at ease. You see, it’s my personal mission to help as many fishermen as possible to make homemade fishing lures for themselves.

So if you’re not 1000% satisfied with my lure making tuition there’s only one thing to do: Get your money back! And I’ll gladly give it back to you! Here’s the deal:

Purchase My Wooden Lure Making 101 Mega Pack and put it to the test for 30 days. Read the books, print the templates, watch the videos, email your questions…..

If his pack doesn’t help you make awesome homemade fishing lures that smash the fish senseless I’ll give you a full refund.

100% of your money back – and no questions asked. Plus you can keep the eBooks as my way of saying “Sorry”.

Feedback From My Customers …….

How To Make A Fishing Lure Testimony

Homemade Lures Instant Access

Frequently Asked Questions About My Mega Pack!

Q: What format is the content in?

A: All of the ebooks and templates are downloadable pdf files, so they’re easily readable and printable on most devices. The videos are embedded in a members website, so you can log in from any device and watch them at your leisure!

Q: Are the books available in print format?

A: No. There are many hundreds of pages of text and lots of color photos. By offering them as eBooks I can save you a ton of money on printing and shipping. And because they’re in pdf format, you can easily print the pages or templates you need….. or the whole pack if you want.

Q: I have no idea how to make a fishing lure. What tools will I need?

A: Perfect! No experience is necessary, and you can still be making perfect homemade fishing lures in a flash. And if you have a battery drill, handsaw, chisel, hacksaw and a pair of pliers then you have all the tools you need to get started. Once you get going you might want to buy a few other tools, but 90% of lures can be made with just the above.

Q: Will I be able to get the materials for making homemade lures where I live?

A: Yes. I have readers all over the world and we’ve never failed to be able to find the stuff that’s needed to make lures. Most of it can be picked up at the local hardware store for peanuts!

Got Questions about making homemade lures? Contact Me!

Homemade Lures Instant Access