Holoscale & Mirroscale: Top Quality, Stretchable Lure Makers Foil (A4 Sheets)


Holoscale and Mirroscale make holographic and chrome effects easy!

* Quickly and easily create massive fish-attracting flash.
* Suitable for plastic, metal and sealed wooden lures.
* Molds around tight curves for professional results.
* Self-adhesive, fast and easy to apply.
* Epoxy or MCU clear coat recommended for durability.
* Paintable with transparent airbrush acrylic.

Each Pack Contains 10 x A4 Sheets (210 x 297mm)

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“For years I searched for a product that makes foiling lures fast and easy. I really wanted a cheap, effective solution that anyone could use. I finally found one…..
Holoscale and Mirroscale are so good – I just had to share them with other lure makers!


Holoscale is an awesome, super stretchy, self adhesive holographic foil. Use it to quickly and easily create dazzling rainbow sparkle and flash on custom lures or to spice up off-the-shelf lures. Trust me, the intensity of the flash and color can’t be done justice with photographs!

Mirroscale is also a super stretchy, self adhesive lure foil, but metallic chrome. Mirroscale is available in silver or gold.

Which Foil Product Do You Need?

It depends! The flash created by Holoscale is intense and brilliant. I’ve found it’s perfect for attracting fish from long distances in both fresh and saltwater – it’s my “go-to” product (and the most popular with customers).

Mirroscale creates almost as much flash as Holoscale, but with a lot less color. This makes it more subtle and natural looking. I find the silver chrome product great in areas where there are lots of silvery baitfish. Many customers tell me that the gold Mirroscale foil is tops in dirty water, particularly where bronzy colored bait such as carp are around in numbers.


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Advantages Of Holoscale & Mirroscale

  • Fast, easy application. Stretches without tearing and conforms to lure shape – even very small lures
  • Self adhesive and waterproof. No messing about with spray adhesive
  • Tough and durable. Beats the thin foil tapes!
  • Clear coat over. Doesn’t turn gray or lose brilliance when protected by clear coat.

Forget the fiddly and and frustrating foil tapes! Holoscale and Mirroscale are by far the easiest way to get holographic and chrome-like finishes on handmade lures. They’re durable, self adhesive and can be applied to wooden or plastic lure bodies, spoons, blades and other lure styles. Holoscale and Mirroscale are thin and stretchy enough to get around the curves and complex details of even the smallest lures without tearing. The textured underside channels out trapped air, giving strong adhesion and a smooth, professional result.

Unlike “chrome” paints, these products don’t turn dull gray when you clear coat. Holoscale retains brilliant flash and rainbow color, while Mirroscale gives a mirror-like metallic result. Both are perfect for painting over with transparent colors!

Why Is Flash Important To Lure Makers?

Plastic minnow pattern with Holoscale sidesFish (and humans) can see flash from a long, long way off – Much further than they can see color. Think about a time when you were on the water and spotted a glint of sunlight flashing from the windscreen of a distant boat. You wouldn’t even know that boat was there except for that unmistakable flash of light.

Beneath the water surface baitfish scales are the main source of flash. So flash will usually attract attention. Game fish are hard wired to investigate and when they do they’re expecting a feed.

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Why Has Chroming Lures Always Been Such A Hassle?

Until now there has been no easy solution. “Chrome” aerosol paints look great right up until you clear coat your lure, then they turn an ugly matte gray (yuck). Two part polyurethane paints overcome this, but they’re usually quite toxic and aren’t recommended for recreational lure makers. The “Chroming” kits on the market usually require a complex, multi-step process and are quite expensive unless you’re turning out a lot of lures.

So recreational lure makers have reverted to foiling their lure bodies, which can give a decent result, but is fiddly and laborious. Still, many of us (myself included) persist because the results are worth it.

That’s why I’m so excited about Holoscale and Mirroscale. They’re non toxic, cheap, easy to use and look fantastic.


How To Apply Holoscale Or Mirroscale

1. Clean the lure with isopropyl or denatured alcohol.

2. Cut a piece of foil and remove the backing paper.

3. Lay the Holoscale or Mirroscale on top of the lure, or place it on a flat surface with the adhesive-side up and place your lure on top.

4. Using the ball of your thumb, work the foil from the center of the lure, smoothing out wrinkles as you go.

5. Use a hair dryer or other gentle heat source to warm the Holoscale or Mirroscale in areas where there are tight curves or detail to cover.

6. Trim away the excess and run a smooth, hard object (eg the back of a knife or the smooth part of a drill bit) over the surface to smooth everything down and remove any bubbles

7. Your lure can be painted at this point. However, I find that a coat of epoxy before painting helps to mask the edges of the foil.

8. Paint, then coat with your favorite clear coat.

9. Go fishing!

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Q: Do I have to clear coat over Holoscale and Mirroscale?

A: The adhesive is waterproof and strong and the Holoscale itself is also pretty durable, so you can get away without clear coating if you choose. However, I still recommend clear coating for longer lasting results and better looking lures. If you’re just adding flash to an existing lure you might choose not to clear coat. You’ll find that Holoscale can be removed when it gets damaged or dull and you can replace it with a fresh piece.

Q: Do Holoscale and Mirroscale work over the scales of molded plastic lures?

A: Holoscale and Mirroscale stretch beautifully over large detail such as fins, gills and eye sockets. They also work well over hand carved scales on wooden lures but can obscure the finer detail of molded scales slightly. You can still see them, but they’re a little more subtle.

Q: What about the blades on wire baits etc? Can Holoscale and Mirroscale work on them?

A: Yes.

Q: Can Holoscale and Mirroscale be textured in the same way as other foils?

A: No. If a textured foil finish is what you’re after then Holoscale and Mirroscale are not the right product. However, if you are happy to texture your wooden lure itself then the film will show up the detail just fine, just like textured foils. Or, you can airbrush scales after applying the foil.

Q: What are the shipping times?

A: Within Australia and the US product normally ships within 24 hrs and delivery is 3-4 days.

For customers outside of the USA and Australia, product usually ships within 24-48 hrs. Delivery times vary depending on your country and there are budget and tracked delivery options shipping available. Please note that budget shipping is at your own risk. I provide evidence that the parcel has been posted, but I am unable to assist or replace orders that go missing in the mail unless you have selected the tracked option.

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