Micro Stickbaits are dedaly on lots of freshwater speciesMicro stickbaits are a little known and often overlooked option for freshwater lure fishing enthusiasts…. but they really shouldn’t be! Sure, they take a little more effort to learn to use properly, but isn’t it worth it if the return is quality fish?

From a lure making perspective, this is an interesting little category of lures! They are relatively uncomplicated to make having no diving lip and often not being fitted with rattles.

The real trick with making micro stickbaits from wood is getting the weight balance right, getting everything symmetrical and getting your tow points and hook hangers properly aligned.

Micro Stickbaits: Making Little Killers!

If you’re keen to give making this style of lure a go then here are a few tips to get you on the right path:

  • I normally lean towards using a through wire in all of my wooden lures. But micro stickbaits are a class of lure that usually doesn’t warrant it. That doesn’t mean they won’t catch big fish though. But to get the best out of a micro stickbait means using light tackle – and you’ll likely break a line or leader before you pull a screw eye.
  • It’s not always necessary to weight micro stickbaits. Often, the weight of the front hook is sufficient to keep them right way up and swimming properly. If you do weight them it become a delicate balance between getting just enough weight into them without sinking them or killing action (yes, they do have action).
  • If you’re after a good “walk the dog” lures, then move any internal weight further towards the tail than you would for most lures. This will help get the kind of zig zag action you’re after.
  • Go lightweight and super sharp with hooks.
  • Stickbaits with ¬†slightly flattened sides can often have a more erratic action through the water.

Fishing tips for Micro Stickbaits

You’d be correct if you thought that fishing micro stickbaits in freshwater is just a little different to chasing down offshore pelagics with more traditional stickbaits! Not just in terms of tackle, but also techniques!

For starters, light lines and fine leaders are a definite “must-have” when fishing with micro stickbaits. I like a relatively fast taper spinning rod in the 1-3kg line class, light braid and flurocarbon leader for working with micro sticks. This gives good accurate casting of very light lures, plenty of sensitivity and the ability to work the lure in lots of different ways.

The retrieve can vary from super slow to moderately fast, depending on the lure and the circumstances. If you’re using a sinking style of micro-stickbait then the retrieve needs to be a little on the faster side, with plenty of tip action. For floating and suspending stickbaits it can pay to slow it right down at times. You can even allow the lure to come to a complete stop occasionally, much like fishing a suspending jerkbait.

I hope you give making and fishing micro stickbaits a try, they’re deadly on lots of species!

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