Wooden Lure Making eBookMaking a few simple popper lures is the perfect starting place for newbies to wooden lure making. Simple poppers are fun to make and can be done with a handful of basic tools. They’ll help you develop lure making skills and get you into exciting topwater fishing at the same time!

Popper Lures Can Be Awesome On GT!Once you have the simple popper lures all figured out, you can move more easily into more advanced designs. You’ll soon find you’re creating lures that tear massive holes in the water surface. Or ones that throw water in the air like a drunk fire fighter on steroids.

A word of warning though: There are simple popper lures and not so simple ones! They’re not always as easy to make as their exterior might suggest!

Getting the body shape right and weighting them correctly (yes, most poppers need some internal weight) can be an art form. And of course you need to decide on construction details. Screw eyes may be fine for light duty freshwater applications, but heavy through wires are required for popper lures aimed at tough saltwater customers.

7 Tips For Making Popper Lures!

  • Popper lures with a concave mouth (chuggers) tend to tear enormous holes in the water. They work well at both fast and slow speeds and have a more erratic action than pusher styles. This style of lure is especially effective in relatively calm, flat water.
  • Pusher lures (those with a flat face) work better at higher speeds and tend to have less action than chuggers.
  • The face of a popper lure can be cut square or angled. Square faces give a more erratic action, but angled faces work better at speed or when the water is rough.
  • It’s usual to weight a popper to float “tail-down”. This desirable because the action of pulling them through the water causes the head to dip. Making the tail heavy can allow you to work your popper lures quite fast. As a bonus they’ll also cast much better.
  • Lots of lure makers (myself included) enjoy creating awesome paint jobs on popper lures. The truth is: fish approaching from below can usually only see a silhouette. As is often the case, flash is important and the rest is about having fun!
  • popper-lures-red-whiteProperly installed screw eyes are fine in wooden poppers. But for really heavy duty work a through wire with belly swivel and tail wrap is a better option.
  • Rattles can be a useful addition to popper lures, particularly those that will be fish in rough water.


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