Iwata HP-C Plus all round lure painting airbrushI’ve been meaning to write some reviews of the airbrushes in my workshop for quite some time. But I must admit, I’ve been particularly looking forward reviewing my Iwata HP-C plus. Finally, I found time!

Now, it’s no secret that I’m a great fan of Iwata airbrushes. They are beautifully engineered, work like magic and any time I’ve ever had a question Iwata have been super helpful.

But please don’t think for one moment that my enthusiasm and my loyalty to this product came easily. Have a look around this website – you won’t find a lot of products endorsed here. I only review products that I personally use – and even then only if they are top notch. This airbrush had to earn this write-up…. and it’s done so in abundance!

Iwata HP-C Plus: The Best All-Round Lure Painting Airbrush…..

Is that a big, bold statement? Yep. But I stand by it.

There is no such thing as the perfect “all round” airbrush, of course. There are always compromises to be made. Some airbrushes are better for painting detail, some are better suited to laying down base colors. But the HP-C is about as close as I’ve ever found to being an all-rounder. And I’ve done some searching!

At the time of writing I have 11 airbrushes in my workshop, and 5 of them are Iwata HP-C Plus. I use them daily and wouldn’t be without them.  In fact, if I could only have one airbrush in my workshop, the HP-C Plus would be my pick every time. Here’s why:

  • Beautifully engineered, well balanced and capable of fine line (1mm) to broad brush (30mm) spraying
  • Handles metallics, pearlescents and all kinds of flake easily and without clogging
  • Capable of perfect atomisation of transparent paints, even in the 5psi air pressure range where I often work
  • Good size color cup means I’m not topping the paint up every 5 minutes
  • Easy to control and a great airbrush to learn with.

The Iwata HP-C Plus is the airbrush I recommend to my students because you don’t need to be Picasso to get an awesome paint job with it. But if you’re an experienced lure painter it also won’t limit your creativity!

If you’d like an example of how capable this airbrush is, just check out the video below 😉 . I used an Iwata HP-C Plus to paint my signature “Green Ghoulie” pattern on this rattlebait, start to finish!

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