Lure Color Selection: How To Screw It Up Big Time!

Lure Color Selection: How To Screw It Up Big Time!

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Before you download this eBook, I’d like you to take a little test. I call it my “Lure Moron” test. Don’t worry, no one will ever know your results…… Trust me, I failed this test convincingly myself!

I’m going to give you 5 statements that I used to hear myself saying. Ask yourself if you’ve ever said the same thing, or similar!

Statement 1. “I’ve always found red lures work best on lake example”

Interpretation: “I keep using the same color because I haven’t bothered to think about what might really be happening!”

Substitute whatever color you like in here. Usually a bloke who says this will go on to explain that they’ve been catching fish on a red lure for weeks or months.

News flash: It might not be the color If you use red lures 90% of the time you fish Lake Example you’ll probably catch most of your fish there in red!

Reality: Red may be the most effective color on that lake. But red is actually one of the least visible colors on most waterways. So it may be the size, shape, action, sound or dive depth of the lure that’s working. If all you focus on is lure color you’re doing yourself a big disservice.

Statement 2: “The bloke at the tackle shop reckons they’re taking green lures this week!”

Interpretation: “I took advice from a guy who was selling old stock to make room for new seasons lures!”

OK, no hate mail please! Most tackle store owners are reputable and will give good advice. My point is, the person making this statement hasn’t thought to what style lure of lure to use or how to fish it. The best lure color can vary from day to day.

Reality: You need to think about where you’ll fish, what you’ll be fishing for and how. Lure color can sometimes have a big influence on results. But it’s often much less important than other factors, so don’t get too fixated on it.

Statement 3:  “Bright colors for bright days, dark colors for dull days”

Interpretation: “I read this somewhere and it seems to work”

Actually, this isn’t a bad guide – it’s just too simplistic. Color is usually much more important when fishing clear water on a bright day than dirty water in low light. When the water is dirty, contrast is more important than color, and dark lures often work quite well.

Reality: This is a guide, not a rule. Be observant while you’re on the water and make intelligent choices depending on conditions…… oh, and be prepared to try a few lures until you crack the code!

Statement 4: “I switched from a blue crank to a yellow lipless crank and caught a fish next cast”

Interpretation: “I’m ignoring all the other things I changed and assuming that yellow is the magic color of the day”

The color change may have had something to do with it, but the diving depth probably changed too. Lipless cranks make a different vibration to other cranks and have a different body shape, plus lipless cranks are often noisier. Are you sure color was the only factor here?

Reality: If you switched to the same lure in a different color and suddenly you 10x your catch you can be confident color is playing a big part. But don’t be too quick to pinpoint color as the key if you have switched to a completely different style of lure!

Statement 5: “Perch <insert your own species here> always seem to like pink lures”

Interpretation: “Every time I fish for perch I use a pink lure!”

It may well be that the color pink is highly visible and that perch love it. It’s possible that pink lures resemble some local bait species. Who knows? But like every color, many times pink looks grey to fish. So once again, are you sure it’s the lure color that is working for you?

Reality: This is once again a fixation on color above all else, and it’s probably holding you back from catching fish.

The Worst Way To Test Lure Color

Here’s what I see time and time again. Let’s say a bloke nearly always uses, for arguments sake, a metallic gold lure. He’s caught a lot of fish on that color in the past, so he has a box full of them. It’s the first lure he ties on his line, the ol’ faithful. He has confidence in that color – and when you fish with confidence you’ll catch fish.

When will he switch to another color? As long as he’s catching fish, he probably won’t! Who changes lures when they’re catching fish? For all he knows, he might just as many fish on a silver lure, but he’s never going to try.

What happens next? Eventually, he’ll have a quiet day when the old faithful metallic gold isn’t working. And that’s most likely when he’ll try a different color. If he catches a fish or two on the new color he might have a new “ol’ faithful”. But if he doesn’t catch a fish he’ll most likely assume that it’s just a quiet day and will go on believing that gold is best.

So Is Lure Color Even Important?

Hell yes! I’ve had days when changing just the lure color (and nothing else) has changed results dramatically. I’ve had days when changing just the lure color has changed what species I caught. There’s no doubt that color is important in lure fishing – SOMETIMES!

It’s a matter of knowing what color to use – when it matters. And focusing on other things when it doesn’t.

How Can This eBook Improve Your Catches?

There’s a basic mismatch when fishermen are too fixated on lure color and fish are focused on other factors. Those days often end with fishermen trying every color in their tackle box and going home fishless. If they saw the signs, forgot color and tried different techniques instead they may have turned the tables. Maybe! But a fixation on lure color can sometimes get in the way of smart lure choices.

On the other hand, there are those times when lure color can play an important part – though they’re less common than most lure fishermen think. That’s when an understanding of how fish see your lure can help you choose the right color for the day.

“Why Fish Don’t See Your Lures” is designed to:

  1. Help you know when not to focus on lure color
  2. Help you to choose the right colors when it does make a difference

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