Lure Building Video TutorialsLure building doesn’t have to be complex…. But it’s fair to say that there are plenty of traps for new players. And learning from mistakes is slow, frustrating and expensive. The Lure making learning curve is usually characterized by a large pile of woodchips, an empty wallet and a handful of lures that don’t work too well.

I want to save you that!

Good information can have you making wooden fishing lures much sooner. It’ll save you time, effort and money. But most importantly, it will have you catching better quality fish in no time. And after all, catching fish is what lure building should be about.  Not tinkering in a workshop getting frustrated that things aren’t working!

So I created this resource section just for the newbies and packed it with all of the information I wished I’d had when I first started lure building as a teenager.

Find All The Lure Building Information You Need – Right Here!

This website contains a massive amount of resources to give new lure makers the best possible start. To save you time, here’s a quick summary of what you’ll find and where:

Lure Making Books and eBooks

Lure Building ebook and templatesThere are both free and premium eBooks available for download in pdf format. In a few minutes you can be reading or printing them . My most popular eBook downloads are:

  • Wooden Lure Making 101 (Free) is an excellent introduction to wooden lure making and will save you making many of the common mistakes. If you do nothing else, at least download this free resource!
  • Wooden Lure Making Mega Pack (Premium) is my most popular lure building resource. It covers all of the main techniques, gives over 2 dozen lure making templates and comes with 90 minutes of video tutorials. So what’s stopping you? Go check it out now!
  • Getting Started In Custom Painted Crankbaits (Premium) is the most comprehensive guide to airbrushing fishing lures ever written! It’s also available as a printed book via Amazon.

Free Lure Making Templates

You’ll find free templates for a number of lures on this website – and I’ll be adding even more of them over time. Right now my most popular free templates are those for my flat-sided crankbait and for 14 crankbait diving lips.

Lure Building & Painting Webinars

I periodically run free and premium live webinar training. Topics sometimes include various lure making and lure painting techniques. Other times they focus on a particular style of lure. These are live webinars, although by popular request I am now starting to offer some recorded webinar replays too.

 Lure Building Articles:

There are dozens of free lure building articles on this website. So, you’ll find ideas, facts and tips that can really give your lure building a boost. There are 4 different ways to find lure building articles:

  • Using the drop down menus at the top of the page
  • Using the category or tag links in the column to the right
  • From the “Related Posts” links at the bottom of the page
  • By typing a keyword into the search field at the top right of the page

Lure Building And Lure Painting Classes And Demonstrations

I run day and weekend classes for those who like to learn in a face to face classroom environment with hands-on, practical tutoring. You can check out my schedule of upcoming classes at the link above.

Or, for US and Australian lure makers I’m currently planning classes for 2017. If you’d like me to run a lure building or painting class near you, please fill out my feedback form. I need sufficient enrollment numbers to make a class viable, or it can’t run. So, the more people who complete the form, the better the chances I’ll run a class near you.

Got any suggestions? I’m always looking for ways to add value for my readers and visitors, so please, send me an email if you have specific questions or suggestions. Or, leave a comment at the bottom of this page….

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