Download The Lure Bib Templates Here!As lure makers we sometimes need a bit of a hand to get the creative juices flowing. So I’ve assembled some lure bib templates to help you on the path to perfect lipped lures. I’ve included 14 different styles, including round, square, coffin and hybrid shapes in a range of sizes from small to extra large.

It’s important for that a bib be as close to symmetrical as possible. Asymmetrical diving lips unbalance a lure and make it hard to tune. These lure bib templates assists with achieving this, but also help in choosing the right bib for your lure.

How To Use The Lure Bib Templates

These templates can help in two ways: 1) figuring out what size and shape of bib might be appropriate for your lure, and 2) guiding the process of cutting or shaping the bibs so that they’re symmetrical.

1. Figuring out the best size and shape of bib for your lures

Visualizing the right size and shape of bib for your lures can be surprisingly difficult. Using the templates is a quick way to get an idea of the size and shape of bib you might need.

Start by downloading and printing the lure bib templates pdf onto paper or card. Then cut out a few shapes and sizes of bib using scissors or a craft knife. Place the paper stencils into the bib slot to get a feel for what seems appropriate for your lure design.

2. Making symmetrical lure bibs

If you printed my lure bib stencils onto light card, you can place the cut out templates onto the sheet material that you’ll use for your bibs. Then trace the outline of the bib onto the sheet material, ready for cutting.

If you are making a particular lure type often you might consider creating your own lure bib templates containing only the sizes and shapes you’ll be using. These can be printed onto full sheet removable labels, which can then be adhered directly to the sheet material. Now simply cut and shape the bibs using the templates as a guide, then peel off the label.

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