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Crankbait Fishing Tips. Please Share!

For me, fishing lipless crankbaits and rattlebaits is one of the most productive ways to connect with serious fish. For such a simple design, these lures can successfully be fished in a crazy number of ways.

Articles on this page cover all levels of lipless crankbait fishing, from the basics to the pro tips and everything in between. As always, I hope that visitors to this site will be inspired to make their own lipless  crankbaits and experience what real lure fishing is all about. But even if you stick with the shop-bought varieties of lipless crankbaits these tips should serve you well!

If you're a little unclear on exactly what a lipless crankbait is, you might want to check out my article on the 23 different types of hard bodied wooden lures that can be made very easily with some simple tools. My article that explains exactly what a crankbait is also deals with recognizing the different types of baits, including lipless crankbaits.

But for now, enjoy these articles on how to fish lipless crankbaits and rattlebaits.

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