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Hard bodied jerkbaits are incredibly productive lures, taking fish all year-round. But jerkbait fishing requires a degree of skill and a good understanding of how the lures should be worked. If you just toss them around like any other crankbait you’re not doing them (or yourself) justice.

That’s where “How To Use Jerkbaits” comes in!

Packed with information about getting the best from your jerkbait fishing, this ebook goes through everything you need to know about the lures, the tackle and the techniques! There are loads of pro secrets to help improve your catches, whether you’re new to jerkbait fishing or an old hand.

The Jerkbait Fishing Bible!

I’m passionate about making custom wooden lures. But this eBook isn’t just for lure makers it’s for all lure fishermen! Whether you make custom jerkbaits or use the ones from the tackle store shelf you’ll find plenty of valuable insights:

  • Explanation Of The Lures. There’s often confusion about what a jerkbait actually is. Over recent years the characteristics that once defined defined these lures have become a little blurred. So we’ll cut to the chase and clear that up first.
  • The Gear. Ever hear the saying “A tradesman is only as good as his tools”? Jerkbait fishing is often about long casts and being in touch with a stationary lure. It’s real finesse stuff, and having the right tackle makes all the difference, so we’ll spend some time making sure you’re geared up properly.
  • The Underlying Principles Of Jerkbait Fishing. Next we’ll get the basic techniques nailed down. Fish a jerkbait in the same way as most other hard body lures and you’re going to be disappointed. But once you know how to fish jerkbaits properly you’ll love the results you get.
  • Working The Depths.  Depending on the lure you choose, jerkbait fishing can be a top, mid- or deep water affair. We’ll spend some time looking at how to cover all options, regardless of what depth the fish are holding at.
  • Creating Lure Art. We all love custom painted lures, so here you’ll find the important stuff airbrushes, paints and clear coats and how to use them in lure making.
  • Custom Jerkbaits. I finish this eBook by letting my passion shine through. The last chapter is especially for those interested in making their own jerkbaits!

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Still Wondering If Jerkbait Fishing Is For You?

brown trout pattern jerkbaitLet me give you just two examples of times when jerkbaits can put fish in the boat while other hard bodies aren’t getting touched!

Ambush feeders. There are times when gamefish are highly aggressive, chasing baitfish down, slashing through schools and smashing the injured stragglers. It’s chaotic and exciting! But what about those times when they are less aggressive?

Have you ever witnessed an unsuspecting baitfish get crash-tackled by a predator it didn’t even know was there? Often when the water is colder or fish are shy, they’ll skulk around near weedbeds or structure just picking off individual baitfish casually.

That’s when you need a lure that can be worked slowly, with lifelike darts, twitches and pauses – exactly like an unconcerned baitfish. Jerkbaits come into their own in this situation, staying in the zone and often fooling a shut down fish into making a big mistake!

Followers. Ever had one of those days when the fish are following your lure, often only an inch or two behind, but aren’t striking? A suspending jerkbait is a great choice of lure when this is happening. When you see a fish following, stop retrieving! This often catches the fish by surprise – and usually they open their mouth just before rear-ending your lure. Bingo!

These are just a couple of examples of how jerkbait fishing can add to the techniques you have available for getting strikes. There are plenty more in the book, I hope you enjoy them!

Special Note:

This eBook is delivered as a licenced pdf download, NOT a printed book. You are able to save it to your computer and may print hard copies if you wish.

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