How To Fish A Crankbait

How To Fish A Crankbait!

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How To Fish Crankbaits: eBook


Most fishermen are familiar with crankbaits. They’re one of the most common and widely used hard bodied lures. Used properly, they’re also highly effective.

The problem is, most lure fishermen have no idea how to fish a crankbait effectively. With a few tweaks and a couple of tips 90% of crankbait users could be putting more fish in the boat or on the bank.

And that’s what this eBook is about! Over 100 simple and easy to understand tips for getting the best from your crankbait fishing.

A Crankbait For All Seasons

The great thing about crankbaits is that they are so diverse. There is a crankbait for almost every species, any season and most conditions. But that’s where it can become challenging! Learning how to fish a crankbait means understanding which lure to use, and when:

  • Explanation Of The Lures. We’ll explore tips for fishing shallow running cranks, right through to deep divers. Lipped and lipless. One-piece and jointed. Squarebills and well, ….. all styles
  • Exploring The Techniques. Find out how to fish a crankbait at any depth. Know how to prospect the flats, troll open water or reach deep structure.
  • Unleashing Custom Cranks. Mass produced crankbaits are great because they let newbies get into the game. But fish get to see a lot of them and quickly get smart. Custom crankbaits can make a BIG difference in pressured waters.

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Free Sample! 5 Quick Tips For Fishing With Crankbaits!”

Once you know how to fish a crankbait you’ll be surprised how often it will become your lure of choice! So here are a few quick tips to get you started:

1. Depth: Fishing with lipped crankbaits is all about understanding the depth they run at. Your lure needs to be “in the zone” – in other words, at the right depth to attract strikes. Fish will sometimes come a long way upwards to nail a lure, but will rarely move far downwards. Understanding your lure, tackle and conditions will help keep your lure at the depth where it has the greatest chance of success.

2. Lines And Leaders: The thickness of lines and leaders has a big influence over crankbait diving depth and action. Thin lines mean greater diving depth, but less abrasion resistance. Choosing lines and leaders for crankbait fishing is always a trade-off between strength, abrasion resistance and lure performance.

3. Losing Crankbaits Is Ok! The truth is, if you’re not losing the odd lure then you’re probably not putting your crankbaits where the fish will nail them. Many times you’ll need to be bounce your lure off structure to have a chance of catching fish. If you’re too timid to put your lure in danger it won’t be in front of fish, either. What’s the point of that? A tackle retriever is a good investment for all lure fishermen and will give you confidence to pepper the snags more freely.

4. Loud Isn’t Always Good. As newbies learn how to fish crankbaits it’s not uncommon to see them pick lures up, shake them and pick the loudest one. But loud isn’t always good. Just like any other aspect of a crankbait, fish can get wise to the sound of lures they hear too often. There are plenty of times when a “silent” crankbait is the most productive.

5. Dive Angle Is Important. If you’re trolling a crankbait it can get to maximum working depth and stay there a long time. But when you’re casting, the lure needs to get down to maximum depth as fast as possible. Otherwise it will be back at the rod tip before it gets down to working depth. Don’t forget to cast beyond your target and give the reel a couple of good cranks to get the lure down and working!


Special Note: This is an eBook, not a printed book. It’s delivered instantly as a printable pdf.

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