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I find it amusing that newbies to making lures seem to expect a dramatic improvement in their lure fishing the moment they start to use custom lures. As if custom lures are some kind of magic bullet........

Let's face it, if you're rubbish at lure fishing, then having better lures won't help much. Just like buying a Ferrari won't make you a better driver overnight. Or buying a Fender guitar won't instantly make you the next Santana. The truth is, you don't have the skills to use that Ferrari or Fender to maximum potential. 

In other words, it's often the fisherman that limits the effectiveness of custom lures, not the lures themselves. And that's what this page is for. This is where I share my top lure fishing tips. Tips that have come from decades of lure fishing, custom lure making and working as an aquatic scientist......

This is the place for some uncommon knowledge about how fish see lures, when sound helps or doesn't help catch fish, what hooks to choose and a bunch more tips that will help get you to the next league!

And of course, for more specific information you can check out my articles on fishing with crankbaits, lipless crankbaits and jerkbaits. Enjoy!

#1 Lure Fishing Tip: Stop Trying To Think Like A Fish!

Lure fishing is full of myths and BS! As a scientist I’ve researched how fish see, hear, think and behave. I can tell you that most fishermen don’t catch as much as they should because they just don’t understand fish. This article will help put an end to that!

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Lure Fishing Tips Archive

The Ultimate Fishing Hook Guide For Hard Body Lure Fishermen

Looking for a way to improve your lure fishing results? Perhaps it’s time to understand hooks a little better. This fishing hook guide will show you how to select the perfect hook. From increasing hook sets, to reducing lost fish and tackling unique fishing situations, it’s all covered here. Download the pdf for reading later, too.

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Lure Color: Getting To What Fish See (And Don’t See).

Oh, man! When it comes to lure color, most fishermen, including many big names, have got it all wrong. For decades the scientists – including myself – have been studying the way light behaves underwater and how fish can see various colors. There’s a mountain of scientifically proven info out there, but most fishermen are oblivious. They’re wasting time on colors fish can’t even see! Check out this article and ou won;t make the same mistake.

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Fishing Loop Knot

Every now and then someone will ask me what type of snaps I use for lure fishing. The truth is, I prefer not to use snaps. Sometimes in lure fishing the little things can make a huge difference. That’s why I don’t use snaps. For me, a simple loop knot takes seconds to tie and is far superior to even the best snaps. Read more to find out why.

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How To Fish 5 Types Of Hard Lures For Awesome Results

The great thing about lure fishing is that you never stop learning. Or at least, you shouldn’t!
A regular injection of lure fishing tips is a great way to keep fresh idea an opportunities coming, and that’s what this article is all about. In it I’ve looked at 5 common types of hard lure and how to fish them under various conditions. I’m sure you’ll find a nugget or two in here!

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