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When it comes to tackle and rigging, one of the first lure fishing tips I’d give is to learn a decent loop knot. In fact, a simple fishing loop knot is far and away the best way to attach your lure to your leader.

Your choice of knots might seem like a minor detail, but is actually very important. A lot of wooden lures have delicate and easily upset swimming actions, and the correct knot gives them maximum opportunity to work their magic properly. On the other hand, the wrong knot can reduce lure action, or even kill it completely – not to mention reducing the strength of your line by up to 50%!

What’s The Best Fishing Loop Knot?


My favorite fishing loop knot: Lefty’s Loop!

There are quite a few different fishing loop knots, but what you are looking for is one that is tied at the end of the line and forms a small, non slip loop that won’t tighten on the line tie. This gives your lure maximum opportunity to move about unrestricted by the line, which ensures a strong and vibrant action.

There are numerous fishing loop knots that will do the job just fine, but for many years I have been using just two knots for this: Lefty’s Loop and the Perfection Loop. If I had to choose just one knot it would be “Lefty’s Loop”, which was named after the famous American saltwater fly fisherman, Bernard “Lefty” Kreh. Both are great knots and neither one has ever let me down, I just find Lefty’s Loop quicker and easier to tie – check out the diagram to find out how I tie my fishing loop knots.

It’s important not to use snap swivels in front of your wooden lures. Even though they give the lure freedom to move, they create weight and drag that can spoil lure action. Plus, they are very visible and unnatural looking to the fish! Small snaps are slightly better than swivels and create less weight and drag, but most experts agree that they’re still not the ideal option.

At the end of the day a simple fishing loop knot like Lefty’s Loop only takes a few seconds to tie, so why not go for this option and increase your chances of catching fish?