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“If I Could Get Back Every Minute Of My Life That’s Been Spent Tinkering, Experimenting With And Perfecting Wooden Lures……. No, Wait. I Don’t Want Them Back!”

Doc Lures

Doc Lures (Greg Vinall) Handmade Firetiger Minnow, 2018

Meet Greg Vinall (aka “Doc Lures”)

G’day guys, I’m Doc Lures! I’m an aquatic scientist, lure fishing nut, lifelong lure making enthusiast, fishingpreneur and educator.

Lure fishing and lure making are my passion, my life and my business  Рand every lure you see on these pages has been hand crafted and painted by me personally.

Want to learn how to make your own lures? Great! I love to share lure making.

In fact, I’m on a mission to show the angling world how easy it is to custom make your own wooden lures – and catch a ton of fish on them too. It’s fun, easy, cheap …… and you’ll find out everything you need to know right here.

I also love to apply my scientific background to lure fishing. Helping folks understand how fish behave is a great way to help improve their fishing success. That’s what Doc Lures is all about!

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Doc Lures Story ….as told by Greg Vinall ūüėČ


Greg Vinall with a nice barra on a handmade wooden lure

“My fishing obsession is incurable….but I wouldn’t get help for it even if I could!”

Have you ever been truly obsessed with something to the point that it has set the direction of your entire life?¬†I mean seriously addicted, 24/7/365 can’t stop thinking about it?

That’s what fishing is to me – ever since I was just a little kid. I can’t explain it, it’s 100% incurable and I wouldn’t get help for it even if I could.

Fishing has dictated what (and where) I studied, where I work, where I live, who I associate with, where I holiday, how I spend my cashola ……. everything about my life! It’s my work, my recreation and my passion.

I guess you could say fishing is in my DNA. And it’s there for good.

But how did it get that way?

Read More About Doc Lures Story

I first started fishing when I was just 6 years old. No-one else in my family had the slightest interest, but I was instantly addicted.

By high school I was fishing several times a week in lakes, rivers and the sea.¬†At around 14 or 15 years of age I started to make my own wooden fishing lures. Actually “lures” is probably an exaggeration, because my creations back then were pretty ugly! But they caught fish and I learned a helluva lot!

I’m sure many of you can relate to that level of obsession, but trust me, in my case it was just the start! During school I realized that I could never hold down a regular job. My fishing obsession was too strong and I was bound to get fired for not paying attention. I’d always be trying to find excuses to take a day off and go fishing.

So I looked desperately for some way to avoid getting a “real job”. That’s when I discovered a university that ran a degree in fishing. OK, so technically it was called “Aquatic Science”, but it sounded a lot like fishing to me. And since that institution was¬†situated on the banks of a pretty good fishing river I knew I was headed in the right direction!

During my undergraduate studies I fished that river before and after classes, even between classes. Any time I had the chance. And when I wasn’t fishing I was studying river and lake systems, fish biology and ecology. I was high on life! So when my undergraduate studies were drawing to a close and the threat of the “real world” became a reality again, I did the only thing I could do. I enrolled to do postgraduate studies in aquatic science.¬†I stayed on and studied for years just so I had an excuse to keep fishing that river.

Greg Vinall with friend on a handmade lure

“Obsessions make you do crazy things…. I did a PhD in fishing. No seriously, I did!”

So “Doc Lures” isn’t just a nickname……. I actually do have a PhD in Aquatic Science…… which really is fishing! And several of my closest friends and fishing buddies have PhD’s in fishing too. We’re all infected with the same obsession.

Eventually I couldn’t put off a “real job” any longer – so¬†I spent 20 years working as an aquatic scientist, including many years running my own private consulting business. In that time I’ve completed fish and aquatic habitat surveys everywhere from cool temperate rivers and lakes to semi-arid and wet tropical systems, not to mention numerous coastal locations.

But to be honest, even that 20 years was mostly spent figuring out fish and checking out fishing spots. The best part is that all of my colleagues were all doing the same thing – we called it the “fishing brains trust”! So looking back I’ve spent my entire life understanding fish and fishing. And through all of those years I continued to make custom wooden lures because I know from experience that I can make more effective and more productive lures than I can buy.

I think all of this gives me quite a unique perspective, don’t you? I have 7 years of tertiary education and research on fish and aquatic environments, almost 40 years of fishing experience, 20 years working as a consulting aquatic ecologist and over 30 years of dissecting, designing and custom making wooden lures for specific fishing applications.

Greg Vinall with a fish caught on a homemade wooden lure

“I’ve been blessed with a truly unique perspective on lure fishing…..”

I’m not telling you this to show off or to impress you, but so that you can see that everything I write comes from a lifetime of pursuing my fishing and lure making passion.

Do I know everything there is to know about lures and lure making?

Hell no! And I don’t pretend to! There is a ton more to learn! But if you are just starting to make wooden lures, or even if you’ve been lure making for a few years, there’s a great chance that my experience and knowledge can save you a lot of frustration and have you banging out brilliant lures one after another.

I’m here to encourage, nurture and support the lure making community with high quality information in the form of websites, online courses, eBooks, webinars and more. That’s what I do.

And that brings me to another very important point. Did you know that over 80% of books and articles are ghost written?

Greg Vinall: Lure Making Educator

“I have a talent for wading through the BS and getting straight to the facts about catching fish on lures”

It’s true! But not my stuff. Everything you read on my websites, in my ebooks or on social media is written by me, Greg Vinall. Every lure you see pictured on my websites and social media is a Greg Vinall original,¬†hand made and hand painted by me personally, unless otherwise noted.

Get the drift? If I haven’t done it personally, then then you won’t read about it on my website or in my eBooks. Simple as that.

So that’s me in a nutshell! I hope you stick around and explore my website, and by all means feel free to¬†send me questions and comments! Or you can check out my other websites, eBooks and lure fishing resources below.


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Wooden Crankbait Making 101 (FREE)
Crankbait Making: Greg Vinall's Minnow Project


Doc Lures Wooden Crankbait Making 101 (Free Course)

Are you just getting started at making crankbaits? Looking for a way to get into it with minimal tools and expense….. but still make killer lures within just a few days? If so, “Crankbait Making 101” is just for you! It’s a free course that’s packed with info and takes you through the process step by step. There are video tutorials and downloads – including a template for the crankbait you see pictured here.

Stickbait Making Mini-course
Chunky 4" Stick Bait is part of my stickbait mini course Never made a stickbait before? Or tried but weren’t happy with the results? Let’s change all that! In this mini-course Doc Lures will show you how to make simple, hand-made stickbaits from basic materials with a couple of simple hand tools. You’ll find video tutorials, template downloads and support all right at your fingertips.


Lure Painting 101 (FREE)
Doc Lures painting courseDon’t sink your money into an airbrush, paint or accessories until you take this free course. You’ll find out all about the equipment, materials and techniques you’ll need to start painting some pretty schmiko looking lures. This is a free course aimed at saving folks the time and money of starting out in lure painting the¬†wrong¬†way. Oh, and increasing their fun and productivity by starting out the¬†right way!


The Crankbait Masterclass

Inline Single Hooks Have Immense Holding Power Greg Vinalls Crankbait Masterclass is the finest lure making tuition anywhere. The Crankbait Masterclass is a 12 month, work-at-your-own-pace course that takes participants from raw beginners to super advanced.¬† You’ll learn lure design, lure making techniques, all about tools and materials, plus tons of painting tips. The Crankbait Masterclass contains over 30 hours of video tutorials, dozens of lure making templates and personal help and support from Doc Lures himself. Jump on board if you really want your lure making to go places.


Greg Vinall (Doc Lures) Media & Public Appearances

Lure making is such an incredibly popular pastime that more and more I’m finding myself in demand as a speaker at fishing and outdoors events, as an author of magazine articles, even for television appearances. Got a function you’d like me to attend? Why not send me an email?

On Stage: 2017 Brisbane International Boat Show

Greg Vinalls Lure Fishing Masterclass

In August 2017 I was invited to be a guest speaker at the Brisbane International Boat Show, what a hoot!

I took to stage for six sessions of 30 minutes each, during which I set about helping fishermen understand the truth about fish sensory systems. Why fish usually can’t see color. The reason they can’t smell boat fuel, sunscreen, even fish and shellfish oils.

I reckon it’s important we know how fish find our lures – And how they don’t. That way we’ll waste less time on things that really don’t matter and focus more on things that do.

On the Screen: A Guides Day Out (Fishflicks.com, 2017)

A Guides Day Out: Doc Lures Story

August 2017 was a big month – it marked Greg Vinalls debut on Fishflicks.tv. Aussie fishing legend John Haenke called out of the blue…… next thing I was invited to present a show in his “Guides Day Out” series. It was an awesome opportunity to introduce everyday anglers to two of my favorite things: hand-making lures and how to use a crankbait. How could I possibly resist?

In the space of a few days I had to design and make a new wooden crankbait. The paint had barely dried when the show was shot. In fact, the first water test of the new lure design was on the boat with the film crew. Fortunately, my creations worked a treat and I nailed 7 species on camera over the next 2 days. Mission accomplished!

On Stage: ANSA 50th Anniversary Expo, Cairns

Greg Vinall Presents: The Truth About Fish

The Australian National Sportfishing Association (ANSA) invited me to speak at their 50th Anniversary Expo, how could I resist? I relished the opportunity to introduce some of Australia’s best known fishing talent to my brand of “fishing science”. Judging by the time I spend answering questions afterwards, I’d say they found it interesting!

Oh yeah, billfish are colorblind and most fish don’t taste with their mouths. Reckon that might be useful to know? You bet!

Guest Appearance: Australian Lure And Fly Expo, Ipswich

“Lure Making Q&A With Greg Vinall”

“The Lure Show” is Australia’s biggest gathering of custom lure makers, lure fishing enthusiasts and collectors. It was awesome to man the media stand and meet fellow lure makers and interested members of the fishing public. A few days of answering all kinds of questions about lure making, fish behavior and lure fishing technique….. I was in my element!

In Print: Fishing Monthly Magazine Lure Making Series
Upcoming: Sydney International Boat Show, 2018

Greg Vinall Presents: “How’s Your Relationship With Fish?”

If you’re coming along to the Sydney Boat Show in August 2018, come and say “G’day”. ‘Ol Doc Lures has been invited to give more insights about fish behavior and even more tips about fishing with hard body lures. If you have a question about lure making, lure fishing or how fish behave, come and give me a holler!

Upcoming: Sydney International Boat Show, 2018

Greg Vinall Presents: “How’s Your Relationship With Fish?”

If you’re coming along to the Brisbane International Boat Show in late August 2018, come and say “G’day”. ‘Ol Doc Lures has been invited to give more insights about fish behavior and even more tips about fishing with hard body lures. If you have a question about lure making, lure fishing or how fish behave, come and give me a holler!

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