Dished Crankbait Lips Give Lures Extra ActionLure Making CourseDished crankbait lips have a small impression or indent that’s shaped like a dish or spoon. The obvious purpose of this feature is to increase the action of the lure.

Dished crankbait lips are common on many commercial lures, but less so on handmade lures. The shape creates extra turbulence around the lip, destabilizing the action a little. To spill water pressure from a dished lip the lure must not only turn to the side it must also tilt. This creates an erratic and very enticing rolling, wobbling motion.

Many times you’ll hear about making wooden lures that “hunt”. Hunting describes the unusual ability of some wooden lures to swim to one side for a while and then snap back to center or to the other side. It’s kind of the holy grail of lure making and is more often accidental than deliberate. Well, because of the way they work, dished crankbait lips increase your chances of creating a hunting lure. It’s far from guaranteed, but it certainly helps!

How To Use “Dished Crankbait Lips”

The challenge with all crankbait lips is that they need to work with the specific body shape and weighting of your lure. A mismatch between the lip design and other features usually results in an unstable action, “blow outs” or unnatural swimming. Using a lure bib template can help with proportions and symmetry of your crankbait lips.

Try to meet the challenge of getting the lip properly aligned, not crooked. This is important for all crankbait lips, but especially dished ones. The extra action generated by the lip shape can work against you if you get this wrong. Making minor adjustments to a dished lip after fitting is not possible because the 3D shape will become unbalanced. It’s a case of “get it right first time” or you’ll end up with headaches that are impossible to fix.

The lip shown in the photographs is for a square bill crankbait that we make in my Crankbait Masterclass. I call this guy Li’l Tuffy because it’s built for smashing through tough structure. That particular crankbait lip is made from 2mm thick polycarbonate and is designed to impart a strong rolling action. It will also flip the hooks up and out of danger when the lure strikes wood.

Need More Help With Crankbait Lips?

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