Custom Lure Painting: Lure Art You’ll Love As Much As The Fish Do!

Custom Lure Painting: How To Create Stunning Lure Art That Fish Love!

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Custom Lure Painting Guide in eBook or Print Format

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If there is one part of the lure making process I seriously adore, it’s custom lure painting! These days I find it relaxing and therapeutic – but it wasn’t always that way! Airbrushing lures used to be frustrating and very time consuming for me.

Most lure makers spend more time fumbling about trying to figure out the painting process than just about any other step in pursuit of the perfect handmade lure. There’s a lot to know and it can take a lot of trial and error to figure out what works.

In fact, for the many people who are as artistically challenged as I am, custom lure painting can seem quite daunting. Paint control? Pfft! Yeah, right! I can barely hold a crayon…….


I’ve Developed A Custom Lure Painting System For Non-Artists!

It’s true! Learning custom lure painting won’t require a degree in fine art. Actually, there are a bunch of things to get right that are, well, common sense once you’ve seen them. And when you get those right everything becomes so much easier!
Things like having the right equipment. Using the right paint – and thinning it properly. Preparing the lure body correctly. Getting your air pressure right.

Then there’s stencils and masks – and again we’ll keep it really simple. Hand cut stencils are super easy, cost nothing and are very effective. Throw in a few tricks like foiling, painting eyes, fins, gill and stuff and you’re on your way. All without a single ounce of artistic talent!

Custom Lure Painting Using Common StencilsWhat’s Covered In This Book/eBook?

Pretty much everything you need to know! As a lure making teacher I get more questions about the painting process than just about any other aspect of lure making. So I’ve left no stone unturned! Here’s a quick summary:

Chapter 1:Equipment

How to choose, use and maintain an airbrush for custom lure painting. Cut cleaning time by 80% and still maximize airbrush life.

Chapter 2: Paints

Avoid wasted money and time on paints that are toxic, don’t give good results or can’t handle tough fishing. Find out exactly what colors you need to get started. Learn to blend, tint, tone, shade and mix colors to get the effects you need.

Chapter 3: Lure Preparation (especially for the wooden lure makers)

Create the perfect surface for a flawless paint job. Eliminate paint adhesion problems for lures that look great and stay looking great.

Spots And Speckles: Custom Lure paintingChapter 4: Painting Basics

a quick, easy and fun process. Understand base, mid and top coats. Learn to use transparent paints, metallics, pearls and other products that make your lures POP!

Chapter 5: Lure Painting Techniques

Learn to use make and use masks and stencils for scales, gills, fins, stripes, spots, craw shells and more! Bring your custom lure painting to life with foil, water-slides and eyes.

Craws Colors: Earthy Browns And Blacks Are CommonChapter 6: Clear Coating Secrets

Conquer one of the biggest challenges of custom lure painting – clear coating. Understand the products and techniques for a perfect, flawless, ultra clear and durable finish.

Chapter 8: Airbrush Troubleshooting

Have the answers at your fingertips when things don’t quite go to plan!

Special Note:

This eBook is delivered instantly as a pdf download, NOT a printed book. You are able to save it to your computer and may print hard copies if you wish. Or, to purchase the print version of this book from Amazon, Click Here

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