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Lure Making CourseCustom crankbaits give the lure fisherman an extraordinary advantage over fish, and in particular over large fish that have become familiar with many of the factory lures on the market. Trust me, I’ve been making custom crankbaits for over 30 years, and although I enjoy making them I wouldn’t keep doing it if they weren’t the best fish takers areound. That’s my #1 reason for making custom crankbaits, and if you’re serious about catching bigger, meaner fish it should be your motivation too!

I get so many people who are interested in the fine art of making custom crankbaits that I couldn’t answer all of the emails any more, and I couldn’t run enough workshops to meet demand. That’s why I’ve gone to the lengths of putting together fully supported and  very thorough lure making course that you can do online.

Custom Crankbaits: The Li'l Tuffy Is A Crankbait Masterclass Project

“Lil Tuffy” Squarebill (a Crankbait Masterclass practice lure)

It’s 52 lessons, one per week for a whole year, and it’s become extremely popular.

But before I go on, let me clarify something, straight off the bat. Right now if you’re thinking “There’s heaps of stuff on google/youtube, why would I bother to do a course?”…………

I want you to stop reading and leave this page NOW!

I’m sorry if that sounds harsh, but  I’ve searched daily for over ten years and I’ve built a whole course on the stuff I do that no-one else knows – or at least no one else is writing online. I’ve invested thousands of hours and tens of thousands of dollars putting this course together. And I certainly didn’t just duplicate the garbage that is already out there! I’d rather be fishing!

Yes, there is a TON of free info about making custom crankbaits out there, some of it quite good. Lots of snippets from a million “experts”. Some of them are very knowledgeable, but most of them would be lucky if they make more than 100 lures a year. You have to be able to sort the garbage from the truth.

Custom Crankbaits: An Ultra Silent Handmade Lure

“Shhh!” Ultra -silent crankbaits (a crankbait masterclass project lure)

Here is what makes me different:

  1. I’m a qualified aquatic scientist and was awarded a PhD for my research on aquatic systems. I have 20 years experience working on fish and fish habitat and I’m considered an expert in my field. I understand fish behavior, instincts and biology. I understand the aquatic environment, how light acts, how sounds behave, what vibrations can do. This has been my life and my profession for two decades, not just something I try to squeeze into weekends and evenings around family commitments!
  2. I’ve been making custom crankbaits since I was in high school and teaching other people to make them for more than ten years. That’s 30 years or practice, 30 years of mixing with other lure makers and 30 years of research and development. You don’t keep doing something for 30 years if you’re not good at it. You just can’t maintain the passion.

    Custom Crankbaits: Example of A suspending Lure

    A couple of custom crankbaits from balsa. This is the first suspending crankbait project in the masterclass.

  3. I’ve now built a full-time internet business around teaching people to make high quality custom crankbaits, which speaks for itself.
  4. I’ve documented a system, with video tutorials, that takes you step by step from the simplest crankbaits to ones that you won’t find or buy anywhere, with advanced features you never thought possible from wooden lures. And mostly they can be made with a few simple hand tools.

So as you can see, this is not a hobby for me. Teaching people to make quality custom crankbaits is my profession, my passion and my livelihood. And I do it well……

How Can My Course Make You An Expert At Making Custom Crankbaits?

Flat Sided Custom Crankbaits Can Be Deadly

Want to know how to make and foil a flat-sided wooden crankbait with a low-tone rattle? Another masterclass project lure!

Making quality custom crankbaits requires a system. It takes time to figure out what works and what doesn’t. For example, my process for hardening wood and painting lures works extremely well if you follow my system – and gives hard, durable, professional looking lures with very few problems. But if you mix some of my techniques with those that work for some of my friends you’ll have a disaster. Incompatible paints, soft clear coats, cracks, waterlogging, the list goes on.

So if you’re getting your info from 50 people on 10 different websites, then be prepared to waste a lot of time and materials learning the ropes. On the other hand, you can learn very fast and save wasted time and money if you use a proven system with personal support, project lure templates and lots of video to walk you through the techniques.

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