Flat sided crankbait template imageIt’s no secret that I love flat sided crankbaits! They create awesome vibration and flash and are perfect for imitating deeper bodied baitfish. Plus they’re fun to make. So when I was choosing a crankbait template to give away as a freebie I naturally gravitated to this style of lure.

I’ve kept this lure very simple as it’s intended for newbies working with minimal tools. In fact, a sharp knife, a battery drill, some pliers and a handsaw are all the tools you’ll need to start knocking these lures out. Of course, there’s a full parts and materials list included with the template.

Those who have previously participated in my crankbait masterclass will be familiar with format of this crankbait template. The file is a pdf, available in both metric and imperial measures. Included with the template are some tutorial videos showing how I personally make this lure.

How To Use The Flat Sided Crankbait Template

You’ll find a link to the download page at the bottom of this post, so here’s what to do

  1. Download and print the crankbait template onto paper or thin card and check the dimensions with a ruler. The body length of the template should be 3.25″ (80mm), give or take a little. It doesn’t need to be absolutely spot on. If necessary, use the scale function on your printer to resize the crankbait template until the dimensions are correct.
  2. (Optional) Print the template onto self adhesive labels that can be applied to your wood blanks.
  3. Cut out the side and top profiles, plus the diving lip profile, using scissors or a scalpel.
  4. Go back to the template download page to view the step by step tutorial video for building this crankbait.

About The Flat Sided Crankbait Template

This crankbait template is provided free of charge to assist new lure makers. I’ve personally made this lure dozens of times using the provided template. I also fish regularly with the finished lure, so you can be sure the design works as advertised.

Pay particular attention to getting the lure body symmetrical and all of the parts (weights, hook hangers, tow point and diving lip) properly aligned. And avoid substituting components if possible, as sometimes little changes can make a big difference.  Follow the process and I’m sure your first crankbait will be a huge success!

Crankbait Template Download

Download The Crankbait Template And Watch The Video Tutorial