Micro Stickbaits: Massive Fish Attraction In A Tiny Package!

Micro stickbaits are a little known and often overlooked option for freshwater lure fishing enthusiasts…. but they really shouldn’t be! Sure, they take a little more effort to learn to use properly, but isn’t it worth it if the return is quality fish? From a lure making perspective, this is an interesting little category of lures! They are relatively uncomplicated to make having no diving lip and often not being fitted with rattles. The real trick with making micro stickbaits from wood is getting the weight balance right, getting everything symmetrical and getting your tow points and hook hangers properly … more

Yani 50mm Stickbait

If you’re one of my eBook customers then this lure will already be familiar to you….. it’s my Yani 2″ (50mm) stickbait. Well, a variation of it anyway. The original is silent and uses screw eyes, but this version has a full through wire and a subtle low-tone rattle that make it perfect for slinging at bass in shallow water. The Yani is a subtle little cedar topwater stickbait that is best fished using a “walk the dog” style retrieve. The ones pictured on this page are fitted with Owner ST-36BC hooks in size 14. I find these hooks ideal … more