Want Adrenaline Fuelled, Insane, Fist Pumping Lure Fishing Action? Then For God’s Sake, Stop Trying To Think Like A Fish!

Lure Fishing Tip. Forget About Thinking Like A Fish

As a youngster, one of the worst lure fishing tips I ever got was “Kid, if you want to catch fish on lures you gotta start thinking like a fish does!” You’ve probably heard this throwaway line yourself once or twice. The self professed lure fishing gurus puff out their chests and hold up their catch proudly. “Yep, I have the ability to think like a fish. It’s my gift!”. They say it as though lure fishing is a battle of wits with a clever, tactical opponent. And these wise fishing sages have somehow unraveled the complex mind of a fish, putting … more

Fishing Tips: How To Slam Fish With Your Killer Lures

I don’t just get asked questions about lure making…. I also get pressed for some “Secret Lure Fishing Tips” from time to time! The good news is, I’m an open book – and I’m happy to help others whenever I can. So in this post I’ve put together a handful of fishing tips for lure makers and lure fishermen. You may already be doing some of these things. Others you may not have thought of, or may have forgotten. Either way, the idea is to get you thinking about ways to improve your catch rates. Gregs Fishing Tips: A Few Simple Tricks For Better … more

How To Fish 5 Types Of Hard Lures For Awesome Results

I know, this is a wooden lure making site, but this looks like an article about fishing…. Well, here’s a revolutionary thought: Lure making isn’t actually about making lures. It’s about catching a better quality of fish, more often. But the great thing about making your own lures is that you learn how to fish them incredibly effectively. Ever heard the saying that the guy who walks into the hardware shop and buys a drill doesn’t actually want a drill? Nope! He wants holes. And a drill is the best way to get them….. if he knows how to use it! Lure making is the same. Few people make … more

Reaction Lures: Surprise Fish Into Striking!

Do you know the difference between “hunger lures” and “reaction lures”? I suppose I’d call this one of the lure fishing basics…. yet lots of guys don’t have a clue. Hunger lures are great for catching fish that are actively feeding. They imitate whatever food items the fish might be taking on the day. Fish assume they’re food and take them out of hunger. But reaction lures can get strikes even when fish are not hungry. They do this by surprising the fish into action and causing an instinctive aggressive or defensive response. Of course, hungry fish will often take reaction lures and vice versa, but … more

Night Fishing With Lures: 7 Pro Tips For Getting Hooked Up In The Dark

Night Fishing Lures - Forget About Color

There’s no such thing as dedicated night fishing lures, as far as I know. Yet lure fishing at night is often extremely productive and lots of fun. And the side bonus – the tricks for using lures at night also catch fish in dirty water, overcast days and a range of daytime scenarios too. The truth is, many predatory fish are extra active at night. Some of them use the cover of darkness for stealth and the element of surprise. Others can move about without fear of themselves becoming lunch for an even larger predator. Either way, it can mean that can take your … more

Fishing Loop Knot

Fishing Tips: Lefty's Loop

When it comes to tackle and rigging, one of the first lure fishing tips I’d give is to learn a decent loop knot. In fact, a simple fishing loop knot is far and away the best way to attach your lure to your leader. Your choice of knots might seem like a minor detail, but is actually very important. A lot of wooden lures have delicate and easily upset swimming actions, and the correct knot gives them maximum opportunity to work their magic properly. On the other hand, the wrong knot can reduce lure action, or even kill it completely – … more

Big Eye Trevally On Hand Made Stickbaits

When the big eye trevally are on the chew they’ll take most small lures that are worked across the water surface with speed. Soft plastics, poppers, blades and metal slices are all fair game. But I love targeting them with light gear using small hand made stickbaits. The big eye trevally shown in the picture was one of several that fell to a new stickbait design I’ve been working on of late. It’s a long, thin body shape with a “v” shaped cross section, which makes it glide and dart from one side to the other in a random fashion. … more

Custom Painted Lures: You Can’t Polish A Turd!

A lot of lure fishermen turn to custom painted lures to improve their catch rates or catch a better class of fish. But can a custom paint job really make the difference between a great day on the water and a mediocre one? If you start with a lure that couldn’t pull a turd from a sewage farm then the answer is obviously no! A pretty paint job won’t miraculously turn it into some kind of fish magnet. Expecting it to do so is like painting flames on your car and expecting it to go faster! Custom paint is just the finishing touch, not the … more

Lure Color Selection: How Water Depth Affects Color Brightness

Lure color selection become less visible with depth

If there is one great way to fine tune your fishing techniques and improve your strike rate it’s understanding lure color selection. One of the great things about wooden lure making is that it forces you to think about what will actually get results and what is just a marketing gimmick. Believe it or not, using your brain can actually pay off with better catches! Video: Understanding Lure Color Selection (Part 1) Lure color selection is one of those things most folks believes makes a huge difference, but very few people actually take the time to check the facts. The majority of fishermen just use … more