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Wooden Lures Are Incredibly Important For The Future Of Fishing. Why?

Does the idea of wooden lures seems a little…. quaint? Antiquated? Olde Worlde?

We live in an era of high tech polymers, nanotechnology and ultra slick manufacturing. We have factories that can punch out millions of plastic lures a year for a few cents each. Why even bother with wooden lures?

You wouldn’t. Unless you want extraordinary, arm burning, mind blowing lure fishing, that is!

Did I get your attention? Wooden lures offer fishing that is anything but quaint! It’s fast paced, adrenaline fuelled action.

Look, anything mass produced and cheap is a compromise. Fast food is cheap and fills a need, but it’s rarely a great experience. Cheap imported cars get the masses mobile but they’re hardly what you’d call high performance.
Lures are the same. When you use lures made for the masses you’ll get results that reflect it. I’d rather not be one of the “fishless masses”. I’d rather be one of the 10% of fishermen who catch 90%of the fish.

And so would you, or you wouldn’t be on this website……

Put simply, wooden lures are the Ferarri’s of the fishing world. And learning wooden lure making gives everyday fishermen the smarts (and the lures) they need to leave ordinary fishermen, and ordinary fishing, far behind them.

Lure Making Is Creating The Next Generation Of Lure Fishing Legends

Wooden lures: They're the pinnacle of lure making!Learning wooden lure making is the fastest and most effective way to become a gun lure fisherman. Simple as that. Almost anyone can do it, but only a small percentage ever do.

Put simply, making wooden lures is like putting your fishing on steroids. Learning to make a WFD (Weapon Of Fish Destruction) teaches you an incredible amount about what makes lures tick. The more you understand lures, the more effectively you’ll fish them.

It’s just common sense!

So with lure making steadily increasing in popularity, we now have a bunch of lure savvy guys out there. They’re punching out better and better wooden lures every single year. They’re sharing ideas and information.

And they’re crushing it with custom lures. Meanwhile the “fishless masses” continue wasting time and money doing things the “conventional way”.

It’s Never Been Easier (Or More Fun) To Open A New Dimension Of Fishing

So making wooden lures is an awesome way to blast your way into awesome fishing. But it can be little overwhelming for newbies to know where to start.

Well, if that’s you, you’re in the right place. Here’s why:

Over a decade ago I realized just how important wooden lure making is to fishing. I’ve personally enjoyed incredible fishing as a result of my lure making – and I’ve seen others do the same. So I started teaching others how to do what I was doing.

A few years ago I quit my day job as a fishing scientist and focused my attention full-time on teaching and promoting wooden lure making.

Every year I help tens of thousands of people learn to make awesome wooden lures with simple and cheap tools and materials. I teach crankbaits, jerkbaits, gliders, stickbaits, topwater lures like poppers and fizzers, lipless cranks and rattlebaits, swimbaits and more.

So look around! You’ll find articles here about lure making, painting and fishing. You’ll also find lure making webinars to attend, ebooks you can download, free tutorials and lure templates to get you started.

The Future: Why Wooden Lure Making Will Continue To Spawn Top Fishermen

Wood might not be a glamorous or not high tech material. But wooden lures can definitely be both glamorous and high tech! And there’s no sign of that changing in the future.

Let me explain…..

Wood is an ancient construction material. And of course the first fishing lures were all made from wood because plastic didn’t exist back then.

When plastic came onto the scene things changed dramatically. Plastic has has lots of advantages. Cheap, consistent, fast production are the main ones. So of course plastic became the material of choice for those wanting to make a buck from producing fishing tackle.

It’s Not About Cost….

Handmade Wooden Lures Are About Performance.

Plastic Lures Are About Cheap Fast Production.

That’s only natural and you can’t blame them. When you’re in business you have to take every opportunity to reduce costs and maximize profits.

But the switch from wooden lures to plastic ones happened for the wrong reasons, in my view. The change wasn’t good for fishermen or for fishing. It was good for business owners.

But there are qualities of wooden lures that can’t be matched by plastic ones. Qualities that make wooden lures much better and more effective for catching fish. And those qualities were lost in the mass switch to cheap injection molded manufacturing.

For example, plastic can’t mimic the acoustic qualities of wood.

That’s why you don’t see a flood of cheap plastic guitars or violins on the market. Sure, it would be easy to punch a squillion injection molded guitars out of a factory in China for two bucks each. But no one can get them to sound as they should.

Are you wondering how any of this is relevant to wooden lures?

It’s because fish use sound more than most fishermen will ever realize. They use sound for navigation, communication, finding a mate and finding food. And fish use sound for finding lures, too.

Wooden lures make a different sound to plastic lures. It’s more a natural sound, easier for fish to hear. And, if you fish in highly pressured waters, it’s also different to the sound made by all those mass produced lures. You know, the ones fish have learned from experience to avoid?

The same goes for the vibration and visual appearance of custom lures. Plastic just can’t match the qualities of wood. And that’s why wooden lures remain as relevant as ever!

Fish Cant Learn To Avoid Wooden Lures….

For me, this is the most exciting thing about wooden lure making.

Lipless wooden lures on the drying rackWooden lures have a unique sound, vibration and action put them in a class of their own. The nature of wood and the minute variations that occur when lures are hand made mean that every individual lure is different. Fish don’t get to recognize them.
One of the advantages of molded plastic lures is consistency. Large batches of identical lures that perform the exactly the same way. Same sound, same vibration, same action.

But as lure fishermen, that’s precisely what we should avoid. We want lures to have an erratic, unpredictable action. It’s desirable for our lures to sound different. In a world of “catch and release” the fish quickly learn to avoid lures .

Remember: No two baitfish are the same, so no two lures should be, either.

Mixing Wooden Lures And Technology

I’m Not Amish…

And I’m not some little old man shunning technology. I LOVE technology. If plastic lures were as effective as my wooden lures I’d just use plastic ones! 

Here’s a very interesting twist:

Technology hasn’t created an effective replacement for wood. But it has definitely improved wooden lures!

It’s never been easier to turn a block of wood into an incredibly effective lure. Modern adhesives and paints are advanced, strong and easy to use. Tools are cheaper and easier to get. We’re in a golden age of  wooden lure making!

And then there’s the information exchange. When I first started making wooden lures over 3 decades ago there wasn’t much information to go on. I had to work stuff out for myself. I didn’t know too many other lure makers.
These days lure makers around the globe are connected by the magic of internet. There are communities out there sharing ideas and helping each other design and make incredibly professional lures. Personally, I’ve gone from hardly knowing another lure maker to having a Facebook page followed by over 50,000 keen lure makers from around the world!


Wooden Lures Have Superior Sound And Vibration And They Fit Your Exact Needs…. Dynamite!

Bass love handmade wooden lures!If you’re a commercial lure maker, you need to design lures that have wide appeal across a wide area. You’re going to invest tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in molds. So the market has to be big enough to get your money back and then make a living.

And what if you invest all that money and the lures don’t perform like they should? Are you going to throw out the molds and start again? Of course not, you’ll most make the lures anyway. You need to get your investment back

Custom wooden lures are different. Many of mine are made with a particular species or location in mind. Do they catch other species and work other places? Of course! But they can pull the target species from the target location better than anything you’ll find on any tackle store shelf.

For example, one of my wooden lures is specifically designed for pulling Jacks from under a bridge near home. It’s a deep diving lure with heavy duty hardware for that white knuckle, locked drag style fishing. It’s silent because the fish at this location hear a lot of noisy lures. It’s the same size, shape and color as the local herring that school near the pylons. And it’s deadlier than anything else I’ve ever seen used at that spot.

Folks often assume that particular spot is fished out. Far from it. But the fish there have seen a lot of lures. That’s why custom wooden lures work a treat when all else fails.

By now you might be thinking about your own local fishing spot and your own target species. If you could have the absolute, perfect lure what would it be? How would it work? And how can you make it?

There is no doubt that we live in an age of mass produced, low quality imported lures. But we don’t have to accept it…….. there is not only a place for hand crafted wooden lures, there is a growing need for them!

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