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Wooden Lures: What’s All The Fuss About?


If you haven’t noticed the resurgence of custom wooden lures over the past decade or so you must have been buried beneath a pile of cheap, imported plastic lures. But thankfully you’re here now, so welcome to a new dimension in fishing – custom wooden lures!

Wooden lures: They're the pinnacle of lure making!Wooden lures are revered for their uncanny ability to fool fish. Even ones in heavily fished waters that are shy, wary and shut down can be suckers for a quality hand made timber bait. The simple fact is: Fish don’t learn to avoid  wooden lures like they can with mass produced plastic ones! Wooden lures have a unique sound, vibration and action put them in a class of their own.

I’m Greg Vinall, and this is my site – and my life’s work. I’m a full time fishing entrepreneur, lure making author and educator. I’m also a trained aquatic scientist. I’ve spent a lifetime perfecting the art of making wooden lures and more than a decade showing other people how to do what I do.

I’ve dedicated this site to bringing what I know about making and fishing with wooden lures to anyone interested in learning, sharing and getting involved. But be warned: Many a fisherman has become hopelessly addicted. Lure making is like fishing heroin; It’s hard to go back to commercial lures once you’ve experienced the kind of fishing offered by custom ones.

Fortunately, the lure making addiction is also great therapy. What could be better than spending the time you’re not fishing making awesome lures to use the next time you’re on the water? Nothing! Cheaper than a marriage counselor too!

And since making wooden lures doesn’t require a ton of tools or any hard to get, expensive materials getting started won’t break the bank.

On this site you’ll find that with a very basic tool kit and some simple materials, you can make crankbaits, jerkbaits, gliders, stickbaits, topwater lures like poppers and fizzers, lipless cranks and rattlebaits, swimbaits and more.

All you need is some knowledge, some basic skills and a willingness to persevere. But that’s where the problem often lies. There is a lot of mediocre (at best) information  about making wooden lures out there! I want to kick start your lure making by giving you the quality stuff! Stuff that’s worked for me for decades and that my students find works for them too.

You’ll find articles on this site about lure making, painting and fishing. You’ll find lure making webinars to attend, ebooks you can download, free tutorials and lure templates to get you started.

But Aren’t Wooden Lures A Little, You Know, Last Century?

The idea of making something out of wood can seem a little outdated……… ok, a LOT outdated.

But trust me, I’m not some little old man, toiling away with hand tools by the light of a kero lamp, shunning the modern world. I live in the modern age and I love technology. And if injection molded or printed plastic baits were as effective and as deadly as wooden lures I’d make those instead. 

But they’re not, so I don’t!

There are three very good reasons why custom, handmade wooden lures are so effective:

  1. They look different from anything else that the fish have ever seen
  2. They create a sound that attracts fish faster than an ice cream truck attracts fat kids
  3. They emit a unique vibration that can’t be mimicked with plastic. It says “eat me….Eat Me….. EAT ME!

Lipless wooden lures on the drying rackIf you’d like to understand how wooden lures do all of this, you can get more information here. And there’s one more BIG reason why your custom wooden lures can be so much more effective than bought ones: They’re made by you, for you!

Let’s consider an average (very average, in my opinion) injection molded lure. The cost of perfecting the prototypes and then making molds from them is tens of thousands of dollars. So they have to appeal to a large market. They have to work on lots of different species in lots of locations to sell enough to get back that investment. That makes them cheap and generic.

And what happens if, after all that expense, the product doesn’t perform well? Do you throw away $50-100K, write off the investment and start over? Nope! Most commercial lure makers start production anyway, market hard and get their money back fast.

Think about anything mass produced, like cars. Let’s take a Ford Fiesta for example. Not a bad car and very popular. But would you buy one for the race track? Probably not, you’d want a performance car. Would you tow a yacht with one? Nope, you’d want something with more grunt. What about driving offroad? uh-uh. The Fiesta is a generic, family car and is made to appeal to a wide range of people in lots of countries. That means it meets basic needs but has lots of limitations.

Are there things about the Fiesta that could be improved? Sure. But they’ll wait until new model gets released next year. Ford has to make and sell a lot of Fiesta’s first, to cover the setup costs of the current model. So they’ll live with minor inconveniences until they make the next release.

Injection molded lures are like any other mass produced product. They are cheap and give the masses an opportunity to get into fishing. But if you want ones that are more specialized you’ll need to pay a little more. Even then, you’ll still be getting a mass produced version.

Wooden Lures Have Superior Sound And Vibration And They Fit Your Exact Needs…. Dynamite!

Bass love handmade wooden lures!Custom wooden lures are different. Many of mine are made with a particular species or location in mind. Do they catch other species and work other places? Of course! But they can pull the target species from the target location better than anything you’ll find on the tackle store shelves.

For example, one of my wooden lures is specifically designed for pulling Jacks from under a bridge near home. It’s a deep diving lure with heavy duty hardware for that white knuckle, locked drag style fishing. It’s silent because the fish at this location hear a lot of noisy lures. It’s the same size, shape and color as the local herring that school near the pylons. And it’s deadlier than anything else I’ve ever seen used at that spot.

Folks often assume that spot is fished out. Far from it. But the fish there see a lot of similar looking and sounding lures. That’s why giving them a Ford Fiesta rarely works……. but custom wooden lures work a treat.

By now you might be thinking about your own local fishing spot and your own target species. If you could have the absolute, perfect lure what would it be? How would it work? And how can you make it?

There is no doubt that we live in an age of mass produced, low quality imported lures. But we don’t have to accept it…….. there is not only a place for hand crafted wooden lures, there is a growing need for them!

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