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“Lure Making Is About Doing What Everyday Fishermen Don’t, To Catch Fish That Most Lure Fishermen Can’t”

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Quick Start: Key Articles, Resources & Products To Help You Make Wooden Lures

Wood For Making Lures

Obviously, wood is the raw material for making wooden lures. So choosing the right one is super important. This article will get you off on the right foot!

Understanding Lure Paints

Choosing The Right Paint Products Is Crucial If You Want To Paint Stunning Lure Art. In This Article I Disuss The Best Paints For Lure Makers And Review A Number Of My Favorite Products.

Wooden Lure Fishing Tips

Fishing Tips From A Lifelong Fisherman, Obsessed Lure Maker And Aquatic Scientist. Find Out What The Masses Don’t know About Why Fish Eat Lures And How You Can Get More Strikes.

Fishing Lure Hook Guide

Know What Hooks To Use On Your Lures For Better Hook Set Rates And Maximum Holding Power. Find Out What To Use And When. Plus, My Favorite Brands And Models.

Types Of Fishing Lures - Make Wooden Lures

Types Of Fishing Lures

Did You Know That There Are 23 Different Types Of Wooden Fishing Lures You Can Make With Your Own Two Hands? In This Article I Walk You Through The Lures You Could (And Should) Make!

Parts For DIY Lures

Wondering About The Various Components You Might Need To Make Wooden Lures? This Article Is A Complete Parts List For DIY Lures, Complete With Source Links!

12 Lure Making Tips

This Article Addresses The 12 Most Common Questions I Get Asked About How To Make Wooden Lures. From Screw Eyes To Paints, Diving Lips To Epoxy, It’s All Here!

Wooden Lure Making

My Popular Free eBook “Wooden Lure Making 101” Tells You Everything You Need To Know To Get Started! Download It And Read At Your Leisure…. Packed With Top Info For Wooden Lure Makers.

Lure Bibs And Diving Lips

Thinking Of Making Crankbaits? You’ll Need To Understand How Lure Bibs (aka Diving Lips) Work! This Article Explains How Size, Shape And Angle Of Diving Lip Change Action And Dive Depth.

The Ultimate Online Lure Making Course!

Check Out “The Crankbait Masterclass”!

3 Reasons You Can’t Afford Not To Make Wooden Lures

Making lures is fun. It’s satisfying. It’s therapeutic. It’s your ticket to an endless supply of custom lures. And it’s just the beginning.

The whole point of a fishing lure is to catch better fish and more of them, right? Well, the process of learning to make wooden lures teaches you how to use lures incredibly effectively. To me, that’s way more powerful than a box full of custom lures!

1. Better Sound

Just by their nature, wooden lures create a more natural sound than their plastic counterparts. It’s a sound that fish hear more easily, and one the associate with food. That’s gotta be good!

2. Better Vibration

Every handmade lure has a slightly different vibration. They tend to be more erratic, which is exactly like a baitfish. That’s why wooden lures fool fish so easily….. they look more natural.

3. Custom Design

Being able to make wooden lures allows you always have the right lure for every situation. Why? Because you’ll design them for your own needs, target species and location. Gold!

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Saltwater Lure Making

Want To Make Crankbaits, Topwater Lures, Lipless Cranks, Gliders And Other Hard Body Lures For Fishing In The Brine? My Wooden Lure Making Mega Pack Has You Covered.

Freshwater Lures

Keen To Enjoy A Better Class Of Fishing In Freshwater? Making Your Own Custom Lures Can Make A Massive Difference To Your Fishing Results.

The Doc’s Lure Making Services And Products

Lure Making Classes

Wooden Lure making and lure painting classes. Group and casual. Come along and learn some!

Lure Making Books And eBooks

Easy to follow, yet comprehensive, my eBook package includes downloadable books, printable templates, online video tutorials and more!

Self Adhesive Lure Makers Foils And Tapes

Lure Makers Foils

Foil products designed for lure makers, by a lure maker. Self adhesive, super thin, ultra flexible. These foild mold around your lure for a professional holographic or chrome look.

Lure Making And Fishing Retreats

Lure Making & Fishing Retreats

Join me for a few days of lure making and fishing at some of Australia’s most spectacular fishing destinations!

Lure Painting Classes

Keen on learning to paint wooden or plastic hard body lures? My online and offline lure painting classes will get you off on the right foot. Don’t buy an airbrush or paints until you take my free painting course 😉

Crankbait Masterclass

Ultimate Online Lure Making Course

The Crankbait Masterclass is the ultimate way to go from zero to hero. There are 30 project lures to make, with templates and video tutorials for each. You can work at your own pace and have personal access to me!

Check Out My Mobile Lure making Workshop!

When I’m on the road running lure making workshops, Power8 Workshop is my go-to tool! It’s a cordless workshop that’s just perfect for small projects like fishing lures. Square wood, accurately cut through wire and lip slots, drill accurate holes, shape your blanks…. the list goes on!

Free Wooden Lure Making Resources

Ready to make wooden lures for yourself? These great resources will help get you off to a great start!


Free Lure Making 101 eBook

Download my getting started guide to wooden lure making now!

Lipless Crankbait Webinar

Watch a replay of a recent live webinar on making lipless crankbaits

Make Wooden Lures: Lipless Crankbait Webinar Replay

Ready To Start? Check Out The Best Lure making Resource Anywhere!

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