Wooden Lures Catch Bigger Fish!


Prepare yourself: You’re entering a world where catching trophy fish is not unusual. In fact, it’s an everyday event!

The truth is: wooden lures are almost irresistible to large fish. The toughest and most educated fish will fearlessly smash a quality wooden lure out of instinct, hunger or sheer aggression. So imagine the fish you could catch if you had a box loaded with superb quality, hand made wooden lures!

Queenfish on a hand made wooden lure


Now Anybody Can Catch Trophy Fish!


Custom wooden lures play a vital role in keeping many tournament pros on the leader board. Yet most lure fishing enthusiasts never own one simply because they don’t realize the power. Or they assume that these fish catching weapons are just too expensive!

At Make Wooden Lures we believe that stunning wooden lures and massive fish are not just for elite fishermen with tons of money. We bring the awesome fish catching power of hand made wooden lures to anyone who is serious about becoming a champion lure fisherman.

It doesn’t matter whether you are new to wooden lure fishing or have used them for years, what you can learn from this website will transform your fishing and vastly improve your catches.

You’ll get to understand fish and fishing lures much better. You’ll learn how and when to fish different types of wooden lures. And best of all you’ll experience the raw fish pulling power that comes from owning a bunch of custom lures.


Wooden Lures Are A Secret Weapon, And They’re Yours For The Taking!


There are three key reasons why hand made wooden lures are so devastatingly effective when compared to mass produced plastic ones:

  1. They look different from anything else that the fish have ever seen
  2. They create a sound that attracts fish more effectively than an icecream truck attracts kids
  3. They emit a unique vibration that can’t be mimicked and says “eat me….Eat Me….. EAT ME!

If you’d like to know more about how these factors drive the fish wild, you can get more information here. But these are just a few of the reasons that these lures will pull trophy fish out of places you previously thought to be fished out! Start exploring the pages on this website and you’ll find tons more!

Even though we live in an age of mass produced, low quality imported lures there is not only a place for hand crafted wooden lures, there is a growing need for them!


“Catch so many big fish that you’ll never need to exaggerate again!”


Through this site, Dr Greg Vinall (“Doc Lures”) shares not only 30 years of lure making experience, but the unique insights on lure fishing that come from being awarded a PhD for his research on aquatic ecosystems and two decades working as a consulting aquatic scientist. For 20 years, Greg and his colleagues have spent pretty much every day talking about, studying and researching fish and fish behavior. Oh, and lures and lure fishing, of course!

About Greg

G’day, I’m Doc Lures. Welcome to my page!

How did I get dubbed with the nickname “Doc Lures”? I’ll tell you that story in just a minute.

But before we go there, have you ever been truly obsessed with something to the point that it has set the direction of your entire life? I mean seriously addicted, 24/7 can’t stop thinking about it?

Well, that’s the effect that fishing has had on me ever since I was just a little kid. I can’t explain it, it’s 100% incurable and I wouldn’t get help for it even if I could.


“My fishing obsession is incurable….but I wouldn’t get help for it even if I could!”

I first started fishing when I was just 6 years old. No-one else in my family had the slightest interest, but I was instantly hooked. By high school I was fishing several times a week in lakes, rivers and the sea. At around 14 or 15 years of age I started to make my own wooden fishing lures. Actually “lures” is probably an exaggeration, because my creations back then were pretty ugly! But they caught fish and I learned a helluva lot!

I’ll bet that doesn’t sound unusual to most of you, right? Well trust me, that’s just the start!

During school I realized that I could never hold down a regular job. My fishing obsession was too strong and I was bound to get fired for not paying attention. I’d always be trying to find excuses to take a day off and go fishing.

So I looked desperately for some way to avoid going off to work. That’s when I discovered a university that ran a degree in fishing. Well, they said it was “Aquatic Science”, but it sounded like fishing to me. And since that institution turned out to be situated on the banks of a pretty good fishing river I knew I was headed in the right direction!

During my undergraduate studies I fished that river before and after lectures, even between lectures. Any time I had the chance. And when I wasn’t fishing I was studying river and lake systems, fish biology and ecology. As you can imagine I was high on life! So when my undergraduate studies were drawing to a close and the threat of the “real world” became a reality again, I did the only thing I could do. I enrolled to do postgraduate studies in aquatic science. I stayed on and studied for years just so I had an excuse to keep fishing that river.


“Obsessions make you do crazy things…. I did a PhD in fishing. No seriously, I did!”

So “Doc Lures” isn’t just a nickname……. I actually do have a PhD in Aquatic Science…… which really is fishing! And several of my closest friends and fishing buddies have PhD’s in fishing too. We’ll all infected with the same obsession.

Eventually I did have to make the move into the workforce, and I spent 20 years working as an aquatic scientist, including many years running my own private consulting business. In that time I’ve done fish and aquatic habitat surveys everywhere from cool temperate rivers and lakes to semi-arid and wet tropical systems, not to mention numerous coastal locations. But to be honest, that 20 years was mostly spent figuring out fish and checking out fishing spots. The best part is that all of my colleagues were all doing the same thing – we call it the “fishing brains trust”!

So looking back I’ve spent my entire life understanding fish at every level. And through all of those years I continued to make custom wooden baits because I know from experience that I can make more effective and more productive lures than I can buy.

I think all of this gives me quite a unique perspective, don’t you? I have 7 years of tertiary education and research on fish and aquatic environments, almost 40 years of fishing experience, 20 years working as a consulting aquatic ecologist and over 30 years of dissecting, designing and custom making wooden lures for specific fishing applications.


“I’ve been blessed with a truly unique perspective on lure fishing…..”

I’m not telling you this to show off or to impress you, but so that you can see that everything I write comes from a lifetime of pursuing every facet of my passion.

Do I know everything there is to know about lures and lure making? Hell no, and I don’t pretend to! There is a ton more to learn!

But if you are just starting to make wooden lures, or even if you’ve been lure making for a few years, there’s a great chance that my experience and knowledge can save you a lot of frustration and have you banging out brilliant lures one after another. I’m here to encourage, nurture and support the lure making community with high quality information in the form of websites, online courses, eBooks, webinars and more. That’s what I do.

And that brings me to another very important point. Did you know that over 80% of books and articles are ghost written? It’s true! But not my stuff. Everything you read on my websites, in my ebooks or on social media is my own personal writing. No one else’s, mine. Every lure you see pictured on my websites and social media was hand made and hand painted by me personally, unless otherwise noted.


“I have a talent for wading through the BS and getting straight to the facts about catching fish on lures”

Get the drift? If I haven’t done it personally, then then you won’t read about it on my website or in my eBooks. Simple as that.

So that’s me in a nutshell! I hope you stick around and explore my website, and by all means feel free to send me questions and comments!

Or you can check out my other websites, eBooks and lure fishing resources below.


Warm Regards




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