Wooden Lures Catch Bigger Fish!

“Make Wooden Lures” – The Ultimate Lure Making Resource!

Ah, Wooden Lures! In this world of cheap plastic rubbish it’s refreshing to know that quality, handmade custom lures are still king!

Good quality wooden lures are almost irresistible to large fish. The toughest and most educated fish will fearlessly smash them out of instinct, hunger or sheer aggression. So imagine the fish you could catch if you had a tackle box piled high with awesome, handmade wooden lures!


Now Anybody Can Catch Trophy Fish!

Custom wooden lures play a vital role in keeping many tournament pros on the leader board. Yet most recreational lure fishermen never own one simply because they don’t realize the awesome advantages. Or they assume that these fish catching weapons are just too expensive!

At Make Wooden Lures we believe that custom lures and massive fish are not just for elite fishermen with tons of money. We bring the awesome fish catching power of hand made wooden lures to anyone who is serious about catching bigger fish, more often.

It doesn’t matter whether you are new to lure making or have been making them for years. What you can learn from this website will transform your fishing and vastly improve your catches.

You’ll get to understand fish and fishing lures much better. You’ll learn how and when to fish different types of wooden lures. And best of all you’ll experience the raw fish pulling power that comes from owning a bunch of custom wooden lures.

In The Age Of Plastic, Why Are Wooden Lures So Incredibly Effective?

I don’t make or use wooden lures out of nostalgia. I’m not against progress, technology or modern materials. I use them for one simple reason: right now there is no better way of catching quality fish!

There are three very good reasons why they are so effective:

  1. They look different from anything else that the fish have ever seen
  2. They create a sound that attracts fish faster than an ice cream truck attracts fat kids
  3. They emit a unique vibration that can’t be mimicked and says “eat me….Eat Me….. EAT ME!

If you’d like to understand how wooden lures do all of this, you can get more information here. But these are just a few of the reasons that these lures will pull trophy fish out of places you previously thought to be fished out! Start exploring the pages on this website and you’ll find tons more!

There is no doubt that we live in an age of mass produced, low quality imported lures. But we don’t have to accept it…….. there is not only a place for hand crafted wooden lures, there is a growing need for them!


“Catch so many big fish that you’ll never need to exaggerate again!”


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